Amber Portwood’s Cheating Tweet Explained? ‘Teen Mom’ Couple Is ‘Fine Now’ [Report]

Amber Portwood took to Twitter last week, claiming her fiancé, Matthew Baier, cheated on her, like all of the other men in her life have. However, according to an April 17 report by Radar Online, the Teen Mom star may have overreacted to an old situation with Baier.

The site claims Amber Portwood and her 43-year-old fiancé, Baier, got into an argument on Thursday in regard to a conversation he had with an ex-girlfriend months ago.

“Matt had a friendly conversation with the girl and snapped a platonic selfie while he and Amber were in Las Vegas last fall. Amber was really upset and said she didn’t want Matt to talk to her.”

According to the report, the incident came up again during a fight between Amber Portwood and Baier last week, and the reality star took to Twitter, as the Inquisitr reported, where she shockingly alleged Baier cheated, and even tagged him in her post.

“Every man I give my heart to uses me and cheats on me @mattbEPT,” Amber Portwood said, via an OK! Magazine report.

A short time later, Amber Portwood deleted the tweet, and told fans she and Baier were “going to try to work out it.”

“Because she’s so powerful on social media, she did it to prove a point. Now she knows he will never speak to another woman again!”

The Radar Online source claimed Baier never actually cheated, nor did he have a flirty conversation with his ex, but Amber Portwood has strict rules in place when it comes to her love life because of her past relationships.

“Amber is sensitive about cheating, because of what Gary did to her.”

Amber Portwood accused Gary Shirley, the father of her young daughter, Leah, of cheating on her while she was behind bars from June 2012 to November 2013. Although Shirley denied the accusations, Portwood claimed they had plans to reunite after her release, and be a family.

Following Amber Portwood’s recent incident with Baier, he reportedly admitted he shouldn’t have answered his ex-girlfriend’s phone call, and the couple made amends.

“They watched a movie, laughed and went to bed. The issue is over.”

For more of Amber Portwood and her fiancé, Matthew Baier, tune into Teen Mom OG every Monday night at 10 p.m. on MTV. During filming, Baier proposed to Portwood, which fans will eventually see go down on the show. No word yet on whether their latest fight will be seen.

[Photo via Twitter]