Bored Teen Guilty: 17-Year-Old Faces Life In Prison After Murdering A College Student Because He Was Bored

The bored teen who killed a man has been found guilty of murder and now faces life in prison. According to the Canada Journal, Chancey Allen Luna, 17, has been convicted of killing college baseball player Christopher Lane, 22, back in 2013. Luna was in a car with friends while Lane was out for a jog, and Luna shot him dead for no apparent reason.

Evidently, Luna and his friends didn’t have anything better to do — and one friend admitted that the teens were “bored.”

“They saw Christopher go by and one of them said, ‘There’s our target.’ The boy who has talked to us said, ‘We were bored and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody,'” said police.

The bored teen found guilty of murder is one of four suspects charged in the case. The driver of the vehicle has been identified as Michael DeWayne Jones, 19. After pleading guilty to second degree murder, Jones was sentenced to life in prison. He will be eligible for parole in 2051, according to the report. Another suspect made a deal to testify against his friends for a lesser charge. He has been charged with accessory to murder, and is still waiting for his day in court. The fourth suspect, Oddesse John David Barnes, 22, was sentenced to 12 years behind bars on accessory to murder after he admitted that the gun used in the shooting was obtained by him.

After Luna was found guilty, he reportedly apologized to Chris’ mother, Donna Lane, after being escorted out of the courtroom according to NBC News. His words were “quick and quiet,” but he did appear to show remorse.

“This naughty boy is now never going to do this to any other family,” said Mrs. Lane.

“It doesn’t change the fact of what happened. So yes, it’s a result. But it’s not a good result or a bad result. It’s just a result,” said Lane’s father. Meanwhile Luna’s mother was completely devastated after hearing the verdict.

“My son is not a killer,” she cried.

The bored teen found guilty of murder will more than likely spend the remainder of his life behind bars. He may or may not be eligible for parole. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Oklahoma teen will be sentenced on June 16. The prosecution has requested the harshest punishment for the teen, and based on how his friends will pay for their actions, it seems likely that Luna will get life.

[Photo via NBC News video]