Phaedra Parks Admits Keeping Apollo Isolated: ‘I’m Moving On With My Life’

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks was shocked to learn that her husband had been keeping a big secret from her. On the reunion show last year, Phaedra’s husband Apollo Nida revealed that he was only guilty by association in what he was being accused of, but last year he was found guilty on several fraud charges and sentenced to eight years behind bars.

Now, Phaedra Parks is taking the heat for many things, including not taking her two sons to visit Apollo behind bars. And while Nida wants the world to think that Parks is a horrible person for keeping her children away from him, she has a different view of the situation. Phaedra could be keeping Nida isolated in Kentucky, so her sons can move on.

According to a new Us Weekly report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is now revealing that she knows that Apollo wants to see his children and on last night’s episode, Parks learned that Nida had no problem calling Peter Thomas to complain about her. Nida explains that he has been staying in Kentucky by himself and that Phaedra has not made an effort to take their children to see him. But Parks has her reasons.

“Whether I take the children to see their father in prison, or if I don’t take them — someone’s going to be unhappy,” Phaedra revealed on last night’s episode, adding, “Ayden might resent the fact that he has to go to a prison to visit his father, or he could resent the fact that I don’t allow him to…it’s a no-win situation.”

As for Phaedra Parks, she revealed that she doesn’t even plan on taking her children to visit Apollo in jail. She is moving on with her life and her sons are as well. Parks revealed that she saw them as survivors from his lies and his fraud conviction, and one can wonder why she would want to move backwards by visiting him in jail and giving in to what he wants. On the other hand, Phaedra’s children may want to keep a relationship with their father.

“I’ve told her I really need to see them and that I need that support. But it’s still up in the air. It’s as if I have to jump through hoops from behind bars,” Nida revealed on Sunday’s episode of the show, adding that he has been a great father to the two boys and there is no reason why he should not be allowed to see them.

According to the Inquisitr, Phaedra Parks has also revealed that she felt completely heartbroken over the fact that Nida made her think they were living in American dream, when indeed he was breaking the law. That kind of trust issue could only lead to a failed marriage.

What do you think of Apollo Nida’s comments? Do you think Phaedra Parks is keeping him isolated and away from his children?

[Image via Bravo]