Kristen Lindsey Scandal Latest: Investigation Was Not Dropped Says Austin County Sheriff

Dr. Kristen Lindsey is one of the most hated women in America at the moment, thanks to a photo she uploaded to Facebook. The disturbing image shows the Texas veterinarian posing with a deceased cat; the animal had an arrow through its head. Animal lovers want Lindsey in jail now for this heinous action, but Austin County Sheriff Jack Brandes said it was not that simple.

“We can’t arrest and charge someone like that based on a picture on the internet. We have to make sure that is true and correct. Anybody can take a computer and alter a photograph.”

Brandes wants outraged citizens to try and remain patient as the investigation moves forward. Multiple reports indicate that Kristen and her attorney are expected to meet with law enforcement officials to answer questions sometime this week, possibly today. However, there are false reports circulating declaring the matter is already settled…in favor of Dr. Kristen Lindsey.

Multiple news organizations have apparently sensationalized the story to such a degree that it’s heavily implied that Lindsey will not be charged with animal cruelty. While it’s not known if anyone is guilty of outright claiming this false information, The Blaze seemed to imply this in their title.

However, reading through the actual Blaze article reveals that what the Sheriff said about the Lindsey case is already widely known: That this investigation will take time and no arrest can be made until law enforcement officials are sure there’s a case.

In Brandes’s words, “The wheels of justice turn slowly”.

Angry and concerned members of the public seem to have latched onto reports that Kristen will not be charged for the brutal killing of the cat. Although Lindsey allegedly described the animal as feral, it’s believed that she is now accused of killing a domesticated house cat named Tiger. The fact that Dr. Kristen Lindsey may have killed a pet and could get away with it has led to numerous complaints on the official Austin County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page.

The outcry was such that the sheriff’s office felt obligated to make a statement.

“Reports being made by some news organizations concerning non-prosecution, are, to say the least, fabricated suppositions created by the ‘sound bite’ method of television journalism.”

“Sheriff Brandes has been open and candid in every interview he’s granted. While those interviews can take over 20 minutes, the news media shows only the three seconds of what they consider newsworthy for their purposes.”

“We stand by our statement made earlier today.”

The investigation into the troubling Kristen Lindsey case is ongoing. It’s best to wait for official word from the Austin County Sheriff’s Office or reputable news sources before making claims as to the direction of this story.

The Dr. Kristen Lindsey story is understandably upsetting, but it is respectfully requested that individuals please refrain from posting death threats. Thanks!

[Image Credit: Kristen Lindsey/Blogger]