Batman Vs. Superman Trailer: Retro Remake Trailer Will Leave Fans Saying ‘Holy Gee Willikers’

Batman Vs. Superman, in an age of comic book adaptation fandom, is shaping up to be a massive comic book geek event rather than a simple film release. You have seen boot-legged trailers, two different official trailers, and loads of on-set photos, as reported by the Inquisitr, but the recent Batman Vs. Superman trailer might surprise you. In fact, it might just take you back a few years, or rather decades.

According to Cosmic Booknews, Batman Vs. Superman‘s trailer has gone retro? It was bound to happen, and apparently YouTube Vlogger Bobby Burns created a trailer that will have fans of all ages excited. Well, those old enough to remember their was a Christopher Reeves Superman and Adam West Batman, or die-hard comic book fans.

The retro trailer takes scenes from Batman ’66, starring Adam West, and Superman from the 1970s starring Christopher Reeves. The Batman scenes are taken from various episodes from the 66′ series. However, the 70s version of Superman seems to take most of its clips from the Superman 2. It comes as a nice homage to Christopher Reeves who passed away 11 years ago.

The Daily Mirror rightfully points out that Batman Vs. Superman still remains uncertain whether or not it will garner the love and admiration that Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns did, as well As Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and Superman with Reeves playing the blue and red flying superhero.

Unlike the dark, bleak nature of the official Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, the retro trailer is more like the campy film and TV show that it borrows from.

The retro trailer managed to seamlessly edit in the clips from the 1960s, 1970s, and the music of the current trailer from 2015, which is pretty impressive from non-official trailer release. Christopher Reeves would probably be proud, Adam West has yet to comment.

As the official Batman Vs Superman film draws closer to its release, Batman and Superman fans will have to decide whether or not they accept Ben Affleck as Batman and if they are interested in the story Zack Snyder is adapting. Whether you have made up your mind, are on the fence, or hate the whole idea of the new film, you should check out this retro take of Batman Vs. Superman.

Do not wait too long though, Batman 89′ and the Man of Steel Batman Vs. Superman old school trailer might just be around the corner, and you will need to make time for that little piece of nostalgia. Until then, check out Bobby Burns’ Batman Vs. Superman retro trailer.

[Image via YouTube Screenshot/Bobby Burns]