On Tonight: Fuse TV Going Green, NUVOTV Featuring ‘Cheech & Chong’ Smoke-Along Marathon

Looking for something to watch tonight? Fuse and NuvoTV are gearing up for an exciting Monday night, and they want tv viewers glued to their seats as they enjoy some interesting and entertaining television programming for Monday, April 20. First Fuse and Fuse.TV will be going green. For the entire day, the programing for the day will be centered around green-friendly television shows.

FUSE is an American-based cable channel that was created for young people between the ages of 18 and 34 years of age. It keeps viewers up to date with music news, music videos, spectacular concert performances, festivals, bands and pop culture events. On today’s line up, viewers will enjoy Skee TV, followed by Wristbanded and Coachella Valley. Also, don’t miss Fuse Gets Lit and Big Freedia. Check out the tease for today’s Fuse below.

“Looking for a place to carouse and consume on the highest of holidays? Fuse is going green on Monday, April 20th from 4pm-4am for one of the most delightful days of the year. Fuse and fuse.tv are lighting up with programming that elevates and celebrates 4/20. And we’re not just blowing smoke either. From themed video blocks, to pharmaceutical-friendly films and coverage in a new episode of White Guy Talk Show—Fuse is prepared to vaporize your mind all day and night. What else?”

FUSE wants you to be sure to join them while you watch and tweet your favorite parts of the show. Also, stop by and give them your opinion of the programs by using the hashtags: #smokealong or #getlit. Viewers can also tag Fuse on Facebook. Don’t forget to tweet @FuseTV and FuseTV Instagram.

Next up is NUVOTV, the English language cable channel designed for the Hispanic, Latino communities. Join them for their all-day Smoke-A-Long marathon, which will air some of your favorite Cheeck & Chong movies. Here is the tease for NUVOTV.

“Look no further than the comfort of your own sofa to celebrate 4/20 this year – you bring the munchies, we’ll bring the movies! NUVOtv presents a one-of-a-kind “Cheech & Chong Smoke-a-long Marathon” on Monday from 9am-4am. Tune in for a full day of Cheech & Chong movies including fan favorites Get Out Of My Room, Nice Dreams and Next Movie”

For NUVOTV, participate in the program by posting and tweeting your favorite moments of the show. Also, they’d like to read your thoughts on the programs. You can give your opinion by using #smokealong or #getlit and make sure to tag NUVOtv, and tweet @myNUVOtv and NUVOtv Instagram.

[Photo Credit: Fuse, NuevoTV]