Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch Return For ‘Independence Day 2’

Director Roland Emmerich has confirmed that both Bill Pullman and Judd Hirsch will be returning for Independence Day 2, joining Vivica A. Fox as the third original cast member from Independence Day to be performing in the sequel, according to several reports. Emmerich took to his Twitter account to break the news to his followers and fans of the film. The news comes almost a month after Emmerich took to his Twitter account to announce the return of Fox, as The Inquisitr has previously reported. After the announcements, Fox took to her Twitter account in order to say how “blessed” she felt in order to be a part of the movie.

In the original instalment of Independence Day, Fox took on the role of Jasmine Dubrow, who was the love interest of Will Smith’s character, Steve. Jasmine was a single mother and, in order to provide for her young son, she worked as a pole dancer. At the end of the movie, Jasmine married Steve but the state of their marriage remains unclear during the sequel as Smith has said that he won’t be returning for Independence Day 2.

Pullman will be back as the former President Thomas J. Whitmore, last seen giving rallying speeches and slipping back into fighter pilot togs to take the fight to the extra-terrestrial threat. Hirsch played Julius Levinson, father to Jeff Goldblum’s David, who is also back. And Fox is Jasmine Dubrow, mother of Jessie Usher’s Dylan, the son of Will Smith’s character (Smith is still not set to return, unless Emmerich is planning a cameo).

With a script that features input from Emmerich, Dean Devlin, James Vanderbilt, James A. Woods and Nicolas Wright, Independence Day 2 will be out on June 24 next year. Aside from the four returning stars (including Jeff Goldblum), a new set of stars, namely Charlotte Gainsbourg, Liam Hensworth and Jessie Usher are set to join the cast.

The film’s plot is still largely under wraps, but we do know that the aliens will be back to cause problems, presumably in retaliation for what occurred during the events of the first film. Despite the several changes that the director shared two years ago, a recent report said that there might have been some tweaks since the interview. It also affirmed that the sequel will be called ID Forever and will feature a new wave of aliens invading 20 years after the first installment.

[Image via Twentieth Century Fox]