Teen Mom Mackenzie Douthit Crashes Both Her Car And Marriage

Teen Mom 3's Mackenzie Douthit recently crashed her brand new and uninsured 2015 Kia Sportage. She came out of the accident without a scratch but apparently, she crashed more than just her car on that unfortunate Saturday night. Just as her new Sportage is all wrecked, so is her marriage with husband Josh.

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Reports reveal that last weekend, the couple got into a heated argument that led to a tragic ending for MacKenzie's wedding ring. Enraged, Josh swept the ring off MacKenzie's finger, chucked it into the crapper and flushed their marriage down the toilet. The angry husband then walked out.

According to sources close to the couple, the two have been struggling with their marriage for quite a while. The car crash wasn't the sole reason of their massive blowout. It was merely the breaking point.

Although rumors of a looming divorce are brewing, there is no clear indication if MacKenzie and Josh are splitting up for good. However, "if things do go down divorce road" TMZ thinks that "it won't be too costly."

"We're told the ring cost $398. Or in 'Teen Mom' terms: about 22 cases of Natty Light," they wrote.

On the other hand, other reports take a more optimistic perspective towards this situation. They pointed out that Mackenzie recently shared a couple of photos with Josh on her Instagram profile. While this could mean that the two have already patched it up, no one really knows for sure at this point.

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MacKenzie has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes which sources claim to be the reason for her accident. The mother of two said she was out looking for her "rotten husband." While on the hunt for Josh, her sugar levels were skyrocketing and according to sources close to MacKenzie, she "zoned out" causing her to swerve off the road right into a ditch.

Luckily, MacKenzie was alone in the car. Her children, 3-year-old Gannon and 1-year-old Jaxie were not with her. The newly bought Sportage, however, was in pretty bad shape. Without car insurance, the cost of damages were astounding but 310 Shakes, a food supplement company, came to the rescue. The company gave the Teen Mom$10,500 for the car's repairs.

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