Selena Gomez Throws ‘Jealous’ Shade At Justin Bieber Over Ashley Moore Instagram

Who’d have thought Justin Bieber posting a Instagram picture of the model Ashley Moore could wreak so much hilarity havoc? Romeo Miller and Selena Gomez, that’s who.

Here’s what happened.

On Sunday, the Canadian singer shared a photo of his rumored ex-flame Ashley Moore on Instagram. His nuanced caption read, “Sometimes I wonder.”

Needless to say, Justin’s fans went nuts over the pic and the singer’s cryptic message. At press time, over 707,000 have “liked” it.

Many of the comments snarked about Ashley’s appearance or the Biebs’ previous posts of photos of her.

Justin and Ashley were first spotted hanging out on July 4, 2013, then lunching in Beverly Hills a month later. The two seemed to fall out last June after Justin reunited with Gomez, with Moore tweeting that Bieber was “irrelevant” last July.

That same month, Bieber reposted a racy Instagram photo that Ashley shared to mark her 21st birthday. Last May, she was seen leaving the Four Seasons Beverly Hills hotel where Justin stayed. The pair subsequently went shopping in the same area last October after he split with Gomez.

More recently, the two were photographed snuggling at a basketball game in Los Angeles last month.

Justin Bieber Sits In Ashley Moore's Lap At Los Angeles Basketball Game

Fast forward to last night. Shortly after Bieber’s post of Moore’s pic, Romeo Miller shared a photo of himself with Ashley.

The rapper/actor’s caption read “@justinbieber Sometimes I wonder too…”

Somewhat hilariously, a trawl through Miller’s Instagram feed reveals he originally posted the photo around 73 weeks ago. If that seems like a lot of effort on Miller’s part to lay claim to Moore over Bieber, many fans’ comments agree with that assessment.

Later on Sunday, Ashley shared a seemingly contemptuous message beneath Romeo’s post, writing,: “Yep, keep wondering. Have fun with that,” alongside an emoji.

Ashley Moore

Back in August 2013, when Justin and Selena Gomez were still in the throes of their four-year on and off relationship, Romeo famously told TMZ that he wanted a date with Gomez for his birthday.

At the time, he explained they were so alike because they were both “amazing.” Relive the moment on the clip below.

Ashley wasn’t the only one dishing out shade last night. Selena took time out of embracing her curves to “Like” Romeo’s post, which in “Instagram-speak” is basically throwing shade at Bieber.

Given that the actress-singer and Bieber have been broken up for over seven months, and the Biebs is reportedly single and free, eyebrows have certainly been raised over Gomez’s behavior.

Earlier this month, Gomez revealed she is keeping tabs on her former boyfriend’s online activity, when she “liked” his post of a video of him hula-hooping with model friend Hailey Baldwin at a Target store in California. At the time, media observers’ opinion ranged from “it’s probably a mistake” to “what is she doing?”

Is there any doubt now, as some have noted, that Selena Gomez’s heart appears to still want what it wants? Or, at the very least, is intent on letting Bieber know he should “keep an eye out for Selenuur.”

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