How Would You React To A Homeless Person Giving You Money? [Video]

Interactions with the homeless are nearly constant, especially for those who live in major metropolitan areas. It’s easy after a day of walking through the streets of any city, whether that be Paris or New York, to begin to ignore signs asking for spare change — no matter how sad the story written on their cardboard signs are.

One YouTuber decided to attempt to switch the roles of the homeless and the typical passerby by offering money to people who happened to cross paths with him. The reactions of most of the people is irritation, responses tend to be a cycle of “Do I look like I need your money?” disgust.

While the homeless inversion video does have an interesting point to make about the way we see poverty and wealth, it might come off as a little preachy to some. In response to one of the irritated people in the video, he responds, “It doesn’t matter how much money you have, it doesn’t what kind of car you drive. It matters how humble you are in your heart, and you’re not really humble in your heart, that’s all I’m saying.”