Nikki Kelly: Woman On Birth Control Gives Birth To Baby With No Signs Of Pregnancy

Nikki Kelly’s trip to the bathroom turned out to be much more than she expected. As a matter of fact, she got a life-changing surprise most probably couldn’t have fathomed!

According to Mirror Online, Kelly was on birth control and ended up giving birth to a baby she didn’t know she was pregnant with. Although she’d been sexually active, she had no reason to believe she’d be pregnant because she’d been taking the contraceptive regularly. Since she also showed no signs of pregnancy and suffered no symptoms, pregnancy seemed highly unlikely.

“I was still on the pill and having monthy cycles. I was going to the gym two times a week and going bowling…I didn’t have a bump.”

However, she recently learned that it can happen. The 24-year-0ld woman recently gave birth to a baby boy in a bathroom. During a recent interview, she recalled how she began suffering from what she thought was menstrual pain and cramps. The pain was reportedly so excruciating, she’d called her boyfriend over 70 times in a matter of 30 minutes. While in pain, she instinctively began pushing. Less than a minute later, she’d had a baby she didn’t even know she was carrying.

“I couldn’t move I was in that much pain. I felt the need to push – three pushes later out comes my son. Aaron phoned me to say he was on his way and he asked me ‘who’s that? Who’s crying?’ and I said ‘it’s your son.'”

After being rushed to a nearby hospital, both Kelly and her six-pound son were evaluated. Doctors stated that Kelly had to have been approximately 32 to 37 weeks pregnant, reports Metro. So, it’s highly likely she’d actually carried her son to full term without any signs of pregnancy. “The doctors said because I’’d kept fit and healthy that’’s why I didn’’t have a bump. James is perfect in every way and I don’t have a single stretch mark, so I can’’t complain.”” Kelly’s bizarre case has caused quite a stir online. Many readers find the child’s birth astounding!

[Photo illustration by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images]