Liam Payne Will Be The Next To Leave One Direction? Never! [Opinion]

Unlike many Liam Payne and One Direction fans, I am a latecomer to the lives of these five English gents. When I jumped on board with examining the lives of Liam Payne from my background in biography, anthropology, and research writing — I found Liam Payne was especially fun to obsess over because he is so multi-faceted.

Far from your common artist flake personality type, Liam Payne is a solid young man that works hard, loves hard, and produces some of the most popular lyrics and music the world has ever known — in my opinion. Dare I say that after reading an article in the Atlantic about Ingmar Bergman’s creativity mode that he might have called Liam Payne a fine young lad?

Interestingly, in covering One Direction and Liam Payne, I have never seen a headline that insinuates that Liam Payne would actually ever quit One Direction. Over time, I became very convinced that Liam Payne would be, in the end, the very last person to officially end their relationship with One Direction.

Reviewing headlines related to the rest of One Direction online over the past few months, you see that Simon Cowell is always planting the seeds about which of the members will go solo next. Now, it is common knowledge that Simon Cowell foreshadowed Zayn Malik leaving the band.

While he almost never says anything about Liam Payne quitting, speculators are thinking that Cowell might be hinting that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson might leave One Direction in the future.

UnReality TV U.K. states, “It sounds like Simon could be expecting more trouble to brew down the line. Pundits and industry experts have been predicting that 1D will split later this year and while Cowell isn’t addressing those rumours, he was less than emphatic when he said: ‘For the moment everybody seems to be in a good place.’ ”

Even though these are just rumors and speculation, reading that makes a part of me sigh. After all, I just got started with researching the lives of Liam Payne and One Direction. I am not ready for this to be over yet.

Back to my theory that Liam Payne will be the last to quit One Direction is the question of Niall Horan. While Niall is also rarely ever adjacent to a headline that states he is next to leave One Direction, Niall also appears to be slightly less involved in One Direction than Liam Payne.

For instance, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson write almost all of the lyrics for One Direction albums. Niall, on the other hand, contributes to writing an average of two songs per album. Could Niall be easily swayed to leave One Direction before Liam Payne because of this under-involvement? Some other big project where Niall has more of the spotlight could convince him to leave One Direction.

As far as signs of dedication, we all remember Harry Styles crying on stage right after Zayn left 1D, but what about all the other headlines about Liam Payne’s anguish? Compared to other members of One Direction, those focused on Liam Payne’s sadness about Zayn leaving seem to be the most publicized.

A few of my favorites are “Liam Payne writes letter to fans after Zayn leaves 1D” and “Liam Payne Says One Direction Is ‘Gutted‘ by Zayn’s Decision to Leave Group.”

It is very clear to me that Liam Payne is the rock of One Direction and works as the glue that holds the band together. Despite this, they may not need Liam Payne to keep One Direction from splitting up any further anytime soon. Headlines from the Mirror U.K. on April 18 state that One Direction is already being asked to do another tour contract for millions of dollars.

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