Apple iPad Leaks: High-Tech Metal, Massive Size

Leaked details on the Apple iPad have been in the news a lot recently, as the Inquisitr previously reported, with leaked details on the Apple iPad Mini 4.

Now, according to several Valuewalk articles, more details have emerged which may confirm some of the specifications of the highly-anticipated Apple iPad Pro — not to mention the rumored iPhone 7.

A leaked image of a case for the Apple iPad Pro is floating around, showing a massive, 12-inch-plus screen, which rumor is setting at a staggering 12.9 inches — almost as large base-model laptops, although the similarities certainly end there. This would make the iPad Pro significantly larger than the iPad Air 2, as noted by BGR. The leaked iPad case also shows speaker cut-outs at the top and bottom of the case, suggesting that the Apple iPad Pro will feature stereo sound, which would be in line with Apple’s increasing emphasis on music, Apple TV, and past speculation.

The function of another cut-out along the left-hand side of the case is currently undetermined, but could possibly indicate a SIM tray or MicroSD storage for the device. Of course, the Apple iPad Pro may not fit the leaked case when it’s actually released. Case designers have been known to attempt to jump the gun to ensure that their case is first to market, but case leaks are normally considered a fairly reliable indication of features in the long run.

Another rumor currently making the rounds is that the Apple iPad Pro and iPhone 7 will be made from the same “7000 Series” aluminum alloy as the Apple Watch Sport. Apple certainly had some embarrassing difficulties with the structural integrity of the iPhone 6 Plus, particularly the notorious “Bendgate,” in which the phone was accused of being so easily bent that users were finding their phones warping while carried in their front pockets. While this ultimately proved to mostly be sensationalism and very few bent phones were actually reported, Apple would not be remiss in thinking that many users and tech journalists will be entirely too eager to determine if their newest phones and tablets bend.

7000 Series aluminum, an alloy of aluminum and zinc, can be precipitation-hardened to 700 MPa, making it roughly 60 percent stronger than current iPhone/iPad materials, according to Apple. Along with their continued use of sapphire glass, these devices are likely to be extremely durable, and hopefully Apple engineers will take shock-resistance into account, as well, with such hard materials in play.

While very, very little is known for certain about the upcoming Apple iPad Pro or iPhone 7, with the serious competition Apple is currently facing, it’s almost certain their next devices will be meant to seriously impress.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]