[Update] Ariana Grande’s Father Didn’t Shut Down Big Sean, Fake Page

Social media has been in an uproar ever since, supposedly, Ariana Grande’s father intervened in one of Big Sean’s posts about “giving the D.” However, turns out that it wasn’t who everyone thought.

On April 19, 2015, Ariana’s boyfriend, Rapper Big Sean, updated his Instagram with a picture of himself. Well, Grande’s man is known for his many, various, and catchy sayings. And one, in particular is, “I give her the D.”

So, in a selfie-gone-wrong, Ariana’s boyfriend placed the phrase as his caption. Sometime thereafter, Grande’s father seemed to have stepped in to assert his authority, be it that Ariana is his daughter and babygirl. Inquisitr covered the story, and it can be read here.

Regardless of Grande’s age, her father knows that she has grown up, and guys think she’s sexy. This is true.

However, according to Refinery 29, one of Ariana Grande’s publicists said that the account who commented on Big Sean’s Instagram was not her father but was just a fake account. So, it seems that all the commotion today was just great publicity for the pop/rap couple. Possibly, they both could’ve cast off the fake account in a way Grande’s boyfriend would suggest — “I don’t… f*** with… you!”

The news source also states as follows.

“A publicist for Ariana Grande says the Instagram account (that is set to private) attributed to Edward Butera is fake. That begs the question, who on earth has the time or inclination to masquerade as a celebrity’s parent? Big Sean, meanwhile, may resume commenting on the city of his birth.”

Meanwhile, Ariana has been enjoying herself in New Orleans on the set of Scream Queens, as is posted on her Twitter account.

Ariana Grande's Twitter Is Alive About Scream Queens But Mentions Nothing About Her Father Scolding Big Sean

One would think that, if Grande’s father had actually needed to correct her boyfriend in such a way, he would have contacted her about it as well. No? Instead of anything regarding such an issue, just hours ago, she tweeted as follows.

So, all in all, it’s interesting the lengths people will go to gain attention, right? What are your thoughts on this Ariana/Big Sean incident?

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