Is Victoria’s Secret Losing Its Sex Appeal As Normal Sized Women Buck The 0–2 Sizing Trend?

While many women purchase Victoria’s Secret underwear to feel special, for others, just opening a catalog is fraught with hurdles. For starters, their panty sizing only goes up to XL, which seems all right until you realize that is the equivalent of size 16. Add into the mix the fact some bra sizes only go up to a D cup, while others go up to a DDD — but no higher — and women are starting to feel like Victoria’s Secret is actually that larger women are not considered sexy at all.

Enter plus sized actress and comedian Rebel Wilson. For the length of her career, she has always played the plus-sized character, even to the point her most successful role is that of “Fat Amy” in Pitch Perfect — a role she will return to in the sequel, scheduled for release next month. As a way of making her point that all women are sexy — even those who do not fall into the cataloged sizing of Victoria’s Secret — she donned a pair of angel wings when she attended the 2015 MTV Movie Awards in LA recently.

When asked about the statement she was making about the Victoria’s Secrets angels, Rebel Wilson told the New York Daily News that someone has to stand up and let women — as well as Victoria’s Secret — know that sometimes models are not actually the best role models.

“I think one of the messages is we are all beautiful and sometimes girls look at Victoria’s Secret models and think to model themselves after that… I don’t think that’s the best… Even though they are called models, they are not the best people to model yourself after. I would encourage other girls to think like that.”

It is certainly no secret that women everywhere are starting to complain about what Victoria’s Secret considers the normal — or correct — size for women is. Recently, Dana Drew, helped create a campaign so women could voice their opinion to Victoria’s Secret en masse.

“Every year I watch the Angel fashion show and would love to purchase the items I see on my screen but can’t because Victoria’s Secret doesn’t sell plus sizes.”

As well as average — yet decidedly sexy — women everywhere are signing Dana’s campaign, plus-sized brand Lane Bryant went so far as to release an “I’m No Angel” range and encouraged women to voice their opinion about Victoria’s Secret using the hashtag #ImNoAngel. So, it is timely that the ever-popular Rebel also decided to address the role of what is considered sexy these days by donning her set of wings.

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[Image Credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images North America]