After You See The Sea Squirt, You’ll Admit They Are The Cutest, Most Adorable Sea Creatures Ever

Despite the fact the internet is used to bring the latest news, especially pertaining to celebrities, local, international, and sports, what garners the most attention are cute animals. The Inquisitr has reported on animal cuteness before, including cats and dogs meeting newborn babies for the first time and cats and dogs giving their masters big, cute eyes.

Now, the cutest animal championship may have been taken by a sea creature. When you see the sea squirt, you’ll admit they are the cutest, most adorable sea creatures ever. It is even safe to say that you might call them the cutest, most adorable animals ever.

According to RYOT, sea squirts — which are part of the turnicata subphylum — are marine filter feeders with a water-filled, sac-like body. They are sessile animals that remain firmly attached to substratum, such as rocks and shells. To be fair, there are 2,300 species of sea squirts, but they are adorable in their juvenile form. As shown below in the attached Japanese Twitter posts, they look like adorable emoticons used in instant messengers.

Unfortunately, when the sea squirts reach adulthood, they lose their adorable cuteness. Instead, they look more like spiky rocks of doom.

Nevertheless, the Japanese recognize just how cute and adorable sea squirts are. Maybe that’s why legendary Hayao Miyazaki used their likeness for all of Ponyo’s brothers and sisters in his animated classic Ponyo, as reported by Rocket News 24.

So do you think sea squirts are the cutest, most adorable seas creatures (if not the cutest creatures in the world) ever? Seriously, what other animal out there can surpass the adorableness of a creature that looks like they are happily shouting at you?

[Image via Wikipedia Commons]