From ‘Game of Thrones’ Star to Megan Fox, Fast Beauty Tips Abound To Keep Skin Glowing

For the average woman, spending hours putting on makeup and using complicated beauty routines simply isn’t possible. According to stars Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian, Natalie Dormer, and Radio 2 DJ Sarah Cox, there are plenty of things women can do to look great and don’t always require a lot of make up or fussy routines.

Actress Megan Fox is part of a movement that advocates more natural beauty and accepting one’s flaws. Although Fox offered simple beauty tips for great skin, she credited her genes with her ability to look beautiful without makeup.

Natalie Dormer of Game of Thrones uses a lot of products, but she said she learned one of her best tricks for keeping her skin soft and looking great when she went to Morocco to film, according to the NY Times.

“I’m a Brit, so I’ll always have some Molton Brown and the Body Shop products. I also like this great body oil by Ila that I put under my moisturizer if my skin is very dry. I saw that when I was filming ‘Game of Thrones’ in Morocco. The women of that country love their argan oil, and I picked up the idea of putting on an oil or oily serum before moisturizer.”

In a recent interview in Harper’s Bazaar, Kim Kardashian stated that it only takes her about 15 minutes to put on her makeup when she does it herself. Since giving birth to her daughter North, her focus is more on motherhood and less on her looks.

They all agreed that exercise is an important part of staying slim and keeping their skin healthy. Dormer uses yoga, as well as her favorite exercise (running) to stay fit. Kardashian said she used to go to the gym a lot more, but now prefers to spend less time at the gym and more time in the morning with her daughter, North.

Beauty tips for these celebrities are far more than just applying the right make up or using the right skin care products. Eating is an important part of their beauty routines, too. Dormer said she ate a balanced diet and drank tons of water, while Kardashian’s focus is on eating chicken and vegetables.

Sarah Cox’s favorite beauty tips focused on sleep and exercise. Her favorite exercises were running with her dog and horseback riding. Smoothies and two meatless meals a week helped her stay slim, according to the Express UK.

“Look after your skin. Sleep and exercise make your skin look better, as does giving your face a good scrub at night.”

What are your best beauty tips for great skin and staying healthy?

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