Contestant On Ukrainian Show 'Next Star' Blows Away Judges With Pole Dance -- Shocks Everyone When She Announces Her Age [Video]

When people think about pole dancing, especially here in the United States, images of scantily-clad women in dark, seedy places with no windows come to mind. However, pole dancing is starting to progress past its dark association to the point it is considered a worthwhile exercise to participate in at gyms.

Despite the liberal acceptance of pole dancing in society these days, are there age limitations that need to be incorporated because of its association to the sexual profession? Apparently, in Ukraine, it is not, as a young girl blew away judges with a pole dance routine on a televised competition. Yet, the part of her that really stood out about her was her age.

Emily Moskalenko, a Ukrainian girl, participating on the show Next Star, did a pole dancing routine that was, by all accounts, amazing. It included numerous pole tricks that would make any seasoned pole dancer jealous, along with floor work. All in all, Emily Moskalenko stunned the judges, stunned the audience, and she stunned thousands watching at home.

Yet, the biggest stunner was when Emily Moskalenko said she was only eight years old. IJReview brought up an interesting topic to debate after Emily's age was revealed. Is it automatically inappropriate for a young girl to perform a pole-dancing routine because of its obvious associations in society? Or is there something to be recognized in her athleticism and gymnastic talent, thus making it her own art form?

Such a debate is up to the person viewing, but one thing is clear. Emily Moskalenko is an eight-year-old girl performing a pole dance routine in a country that has issues with child sex trafficking. A lot of it may be due to the fact that prostitution is legal in many parts of Europe, especially in Germany and Amsterdam.

[Image via Screen Capture of Next Star]