Has Social Media Forgiven Michael Bublé Over Body Shaming Accusations?

Sometimes it’s tough to tell the difference between a simple lapse in judgment and calloused insensitivity. Fans of Michael Bublé are struggling with just such a conundrum as of late. As previously reported by Inquisitr, the Canadian singer and songwriter kicked up a hornets’ nest of controversy early last week when he posted a picture on Instagram—ostensibly taken by Bublé’s wife, Luisana Lopilato— that seemingly poked fun at the partially exposed derrière of an unsuspecting woman. USA Today reported that the identity of the woman in the photo is not publicly known at present.

There was something about this photo lu took,that seemed worthy of instagram. #myhumps #babygotback #hungryshorts #onlyinmiami #picoftheday #beautifulbum

A photo posted by Michael Bublé (@michaelbuble) on

Although Bublé attempted to explain away the pic as a compliment of sorts, the backlash on social media was overwhelming, with many criticizing Bublé’s decision to post the photo to his million-or-so followers without the subject’s consent. According to the Los Angeles Times, some reacted by accusing Bublé of “fat-shaming” the woman.

The ensuing backlash was exacerbated by Bublé’s initial refusal to apologize for the picture, as well as for the comments and hashtags that Bublé included with the photo. Although Bublé’s comments were arguably not quite at the caustic level of Britt McHenry‘s “lose some weight, baby girl” viral tirade, the fervor continued, ultimately yielding an apology from the crooner. Bublé eventually posted a lengthy mea culpa to Facebook, in which he said that he never meant to be hurtful.

Almost one full week after the entire controversy was ignited, the picture remains on Bublé’s Instagram, garnering over 46,000 “likes.” A debate rages within the photo’s comment thread, though, with well over 8,000 users chiming in on the discussion. While some fans are intent on giving Bublé a pass, others are seizing upon the opportunity to open a wider dialogue regarding body-shaming, objectification, and free speech.

“Why don’t you just call us meat and be done with it[?]” asks one commenter on Buble’s Instagram photo. “It’s hot outside or maybe she’s going to the gym, so she’s wearing shorts and she doesn’t need to justify why she’s wearing shorts anyway … it’s an awful feeling and just (because) she’s showing some skin doesn’t mean she needs to be shamed or sexualized …” Michael Bublé received some support from the celebrity camp by outspoken political pundit Glenn Beck, who took it upon himself to basically invite the entire Internet to calm down.

With a polarizing figure like of Mr. Beck entering the fray, things would surely calm down quickly, right? In the words of legendary pro wrestling commentator Gorilla Monsoon: “Highly unlikely.”

Actor Adam Baldwin also chimed in, likening the hullabaloo to a witch hunt, of sorts.

It’s not clear if this photo flap will cost Bublé much in the way of fans or album sales in the broad scheme of things. The singer has earned a tidy sum making fans swoon with the sound of his voice, but these days, it seems that folks are more interested in his words and sentiments than his pitch and key. Wherever things go from here, don’t look to Michael Bublé for any more saucy, stealthy snapshots, because it’s a safe bet that he’s ready to put the entire affair behind him.

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