Michelle Money And Cody Sattler In Vegas Together: ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Their Next Stop?

Michelle Money and Cody Sattler are both in Las Vegas this weekend, prompting rumors that they are back together four months after their breakup, or in talks to return for a second season of Bachelor in Paradise.

Both Michelle and Cody let their Twitter followers know that they were flying out to Vegas at the end of last week. Interestingly enough, Cody tweeted that he was flying out of Salt Lake City on Friday — Michelle’s home town. The former couple lived together in Utah before their split, with Cody returning to Chicago where he now works as an online personal trainer.

Although both Michelle and Cody are posting pictures on social media during their stay in Vegas, they do not appear in any photos together, and they are not letting fans in on what they are doing there. If it’s not for romance, are Money and Sattler in Vegas to discuss plans to return to reality TV?

While they may not be picked as Bachelor in Paradise cast members, perhaps producers want to hire them to give the new cast a little coaching based on their personal experiences on the show.

Chris Harrison hinted to After Buzz TV that he’d like to see some “older” Bachelor alum cast for BIP Season 2, Michelle Money has been doing her best to convince her fans that she is not interested in going back on the show. She recently tweeted that she is thinking about doing a web-based talk show based on ABC’s popular reality show, but won’t not be returning as a cast member.

The show’s producer, Elan Gale, immediately responded to her tweet, making fans wonder what’s really going on behind the scenes.

Cody hasn’t said a word about being cast for the show, but he’s done a great job of keeping his name out there in social media. Don’t be surprised to see his over-the-top personality on the upcoming season, with or without Michelle — he certainly seems to enjoy the spotlight.

Sattler currently keeps himself busy by running monthly fitness challenges on Instagram that includes an emailed meal plan, daily motivation, and 30 days of workouts for $99. One challenge winner is selected each month and wins a day out with Cody and $500.

Cody Sattler 30 Day Challenge

So, why were Michelle and Cody really in Las Vegas this weekend? Perhaps they are abiding by the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 premieres on August 2 on ABC. Tune in to see who shows up for another round of romance and drama, Bachelor-style.

[Image: ABC]