Felicity Jones Is Not A Jedi And The New Spin-Off, ‘Star Wars: Rouge One’, Is A Heist Movie

We have had titbits of information on the casting of Star Wars: Rogue One, with Felicity Jones set to play the female lead. We have also had hints at the potential narrative, but it’s only after the four-day Stars Wars conference that the pieces of the Rogue One puzzle are starting to look like a storyline.

The Rogue One teaser was played during the conference and pins down the character that Felicity Jones plays. The action takes place after Episode III, when the dark side was strong across the Empire and the last Jedis struggled for survival. This is before Luke finds Obi-Wan Kenobi and begins to understand his own Jedi nature.

Running parallel to this, Princess Leia has acquired detailed plans for the Death Star. Where did these plans come from and how did Princess Leia come to have them?

Right there was the click point and the storyline for Rouge One came into focus. Felicity Jones heads up (or so we can assume) a crack squad of rebels who come together in a secret mission to steal the Empire’s Death Star plans.

There is an indication that the rebels are gritty and real, meeting in secret, dealing with life-threatening scenarios with ambitions to instigate a universal rebellion against the Empire. This is a dangerous plot, indeed, for Felicity Jones!

The Jedi have fallen mostly into legend and the civilizations of the universe are enslaved with little or no freedoms to speak of. This secret mission is set against a background of fear and paranoia where no one can be trusted and few have stood against the Empire for centuries.

Kathleen Kennedy revealed on the panel discussing Rogue One at the conference that the upcoming big screen adventures that explore the characters and events beyond the core Star Wars saga will be known as the Star Wars Anthology Series.

These anthology films will be different. The character Felicity Jones plays will have certain freedoms outside of the plot we already know. However, they will hold true to the overarching Star Wars storyline, and slot into an existing timeline.

It is expected that these anthology films will create a stronger understanding of the significance of the Rebel Alliance and why it is so important. They will also have the freedom to look at where Darth Vader can play the protagonist, dealing with the Rebels outside of the main storyline. So, basically, loads of fun can be had with Felicity Jones’s character, without upsetting the super fans.

[Image and Video credits/Disney and Lucasfilm]