‘Jurassic World’ Posters: Syfy Meets SeaWorld In The Latest Crazy Teasers

The new Jurassic World posters show humans interacting with dinosaurs in ways that John Hammond only got to dream of. However, it won’t be long before his dream becomes a nightmare — again.

Director Colin Trevorrow has been sharing Jurassic World posters on Twitter to drum up excitement for the trailer that’s set to debut on Monday.

The first poster features Bryce Dallas Howard’s character, Claire Dearing, standing in front of a window and calmly staring at a massive jaw full of teeth — it’s almost like she’s watching a pet dog playing out in her front yard. However, the big beast outside is likely Indominous Rex, the highly-intelligent dino-hybrid that was created in a lab. It seems to be the dinosaur that gets the chaos started this time around.

According to Cinemablend, Mosasaurus is the monstrous aquatic beast in the second Jurassic World poster. A young boy is enjoying Trevorrow’s twisted take on SeaWorld by watching the Mosasaurus munch on a great white shark. Jaws haters will cheer, but Syfy haters will groan — why does Jurassic World feel the need to put sharks in a dinosaur movie? The answer is likely this: Trevorrow is trying to show viewers just how massive and scary Mosasaurus is. A Mosasaurus can also be seen leaping out of the water to eat a shark in the trailer below.

If you recently saw that viral video showing what a silverback gorilla did to the glass separating itself from a human child, you would think that the kid in the photo above is crazy for being so comfortable in front of that tank.

The third and final poster shows Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) being a bigger badass than Walking Dead lone wolf Daryl Dixon by bravely leading his pack of “trained” raptors into battle. According to Screenrant, Colin Trevorrow described Owen’s relationship with the raptors as “complicated.”

“They aren’t friends. These animals are nasty and dangerous and they’ll bite your head off if you make the wrong move. But there are men and women out there today who have forged tenuous connections with dangerous predators. That’s interesting territory to me.”

Owen talks more about this “relationship based on mutual respect” in the controversial Jurassic World clip that Avengers director Joss Whedon dubbed “sexist.”

The new Jurassic World trailer will debut Monday, April 20, and the film will hit theaters on June 12. What do you think of SeaWorld-o-saurus and Owen’s raptor running buddies? Does the movie look ridiculous or fun?