Dramatic Dashcam Footage Shows New Jersey Cops Rescuing Woman From Burning Car

Two police officers from the Kinnelon Police Department are being hailed as heroes following the release of a dashcam footage. The two officers, Mark Ehrenberg and Ricky Feriola, are seen in the dramatic dashcam clip attempting to rescue a woman trapped inside an overturned car. The woman, who was later identified as 45-year-old Dawn Milosky, was rescued from her burning Toyota, minutes before it exploded into flames. The entire incident was caught on the dashcam camera located inside one of the officer’s cars, reports CNN.

According to a NY Daily News report, both the officers responded to an emergency call by a citizen who told them about a crash involving an allegedly drunk driver. The caller added that the driver was driving in a zigzag manner and eventually crashed her car, which subsequently overturned and flipped upside down. Both the officers reach the spot within minutes and noticed that the car in which the woman was trapped was starting to catch fire.

Without wasting any time, both of them jumped in to rescue the woman who was, by this time, unconscious. She had her seatbelts on which proved to be a hindrance for her safe removal from the burning car. Eventually, the officer had no option but to use a knife to cut the seat belt. The limp body of Dawn Milosky is then seen in the dashcam footage being taken away to safety by both the officers.

A few seconds after she was taken out of the car, the car bursts into flames. Shortly after that, a small explosion is observed from its engine bay. Officials from the Kinnelon Police Department later told newspersons that the woman was taken to a hospital for her injuries. Her condition is reported to be stable.

In the meantime, officials have also added that Milosky would be charged with drunken driving, having an open container of alcohol in the vehicle, reckless driving and failure to stay in the right lane. They will press charges against her once she is released from the hospital.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Chris Carbone of the Kinnelon Police Department told the station officers “don’t think of our own safety doing this job.”

Both the police officers thanked the citizen who reported the incident to them. They also took some time to explain to citizens how important it is to report something to them so that lives could be saved in emergency situations where every second counts.

The news about the daring efforts of the police officers to save the life of a citizen is truly refreshing to hear thanks to the recent spate of incidents that show police officers in poor light.

[Image Via YouTube]