Duchess Kate Middleton Spends Time In Bucklebury Ahead Of Due Date

Kate Middleton’s due date is approaching, and the world now knows that she is spending the last few days of her third trimester in Bucklebury, England, where her parents live. According to People Magazine, Kate has been resting quietly, waiting for the arrival of her second child.

“Kate was here for a few days in the week. Nobody saw her around though – she must have just stayed in the house having a rest,” said a source. The Duchess has more than likely been spending time with her family, as her mom Carole has been such a great help to her over the course of her pregnancy — and beyond.

Before Kate Middleton’s 2013 due date, she spent time in Bucklebury as well. When she went into labor with Prince George, however, Kate was actually at Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace where she was living at the time. Just like before, sources confirm that Kate has also been spending time at the home that she shares with Prince William as she gets closer to giving birth.

As for the baby’s sex, the royal couple has previously said that they didn’t find out. They will be welcoming a prince or a princess in the next two weeks, and it’s going to a surprise to all. According to the Mirror, the spirit of Princess Diana told a clairvoyant that Kate and William would welcome a baby girl on Saturday, and that the child’s name will involve “Victoria and Diana.” If you believe that sort of thing, the new royal baby will be born on April 25.

Kate Middleton never revealed her exact due date, but did say that she was due mid-to-late April. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, thousands of people around the world have been waiting to hear the exciting news. While St. Mary’s hospital has been preparing for Kate’s arrival, people have been taking bets on what gender the royal baby is, and what name William and Kate will choose for him or her.

“Alice is actually the leading choice if the baby is a girl. Other names that have been mentioned include Elizabeth, Diana, and Charlotte. Those who believe the royal baby will be a boy seem to favor the name Henry, but James, Philip, and Arthur are also in the running. Chances are the child will have a combination of these names, which is traditional. Prince William’s full name is William Arthur Philip Louis. Prince George’s full name is George Alexander Louis.”

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]