Fans Want Chris Brown And Rihanna Back Together After Song Leak

Should Chris Brown and Rihanna get back together? Many of their fans think they should. Of course, this comes in the wake of a big song leak that’s going viral today. Perez Hilton reports that the duo reunited for a single called “Put It Up,” which was intended for the “Loyal” singer’s album X. The song never made the cut, but it was leaked this weekend for music fans’ listening enjoyment.

The song was recorded back in 2013 — when RiRi and Brown were trying to patch up their notoriously broken relationship behind Karrueche Tran’s back. The secret-not-so-secret affair between the two old flames didn’t last, but the leaked track has fans bemoaning their love lost. Of course, at least one person doesn’t think they should ever make music together, or reunite.

Whether you love Chris Brown or you hate him, his musical talents are indisputable, and the same can be said about Rihanna. The duo have always made excellent music together, dating as far back as Rih’s single “Umbrella,” which featured Brown in an alternate version. It wasn’t very long after that powerful duet remix of her hit single that Brown violently assaulted his then-girlfriend. He battered her face until she was bruised and disfigured. The Telegraph reported back around the time of the incident, that the R&B singer was in possible need of surgery after the assault.

Do you think Chris Brown and Rihanna should get back together? Keep in mind that he’s fresh out of his lengthy relationship with Karrueche Tran, to whom he lied about the paternity of his daughter, Royalty, while keeping her secret from the rest of the world. The final betrayal led Kae to publicly dump him on Twitter, and she has not looked back ever since that widely publicized decision.

[Photo: Billboard/Chris Brown & Rihanna]