Sam Smith Is Closing In On Hitting Target Weight, How Did Beyoncé Help Him Reach His Goal?

Sam Smith has revealed that he is very close to achieving his personal weight loss goals. The Grammy Award-winning singer recently posted a photo on Instagram with the caption: “Beautiful catch up with the incredible @ameliafreerxx [Amelia Freer] 4 pounds away from my goal weight and feel happier and healthier than ever.” Smith is depicted in the photo standing in his kitchen holding a cup with a big smile on his face posted by People magazine.

The singer also credits some of this weight loss to some helpful advice he received from the biggest pop star in the world according to E! News.

“I did have a conversation with Beyoncé about food, which was great,” Smith explained in an interview. Speaking of Beyoncé, the singer has been busy posting photos of herself on Instagram. She recently posted an image of her posing in a bikini and showing off her own fit figure thanks to diet and exercise.

However, Sam Smith’s conversation with his fellow singer wasn’t the only motivation he received. In fact, his relationship with Amelia Freer, who authored the bestselling book, Eat. Nourish. Glow, has been one of the main reasons he has been able to achieve his weight goals.

“Three weeks ago I met a woman who has completely changed my life. Amelia Freer has helped me lose over a stone in 2 weeks and has completely transformed my relationship with food. Everyone go check out her incredible book, and start to live healthy,” Smith wrote on another image on Instagram

The “Stay With Me” singer went on to talk about how losing weight wasn’t the only reason he decided it was time for a change. Once again, it was his relationship with Freer that made him look at food differently.

“It’s not even about weight loss it’s about feeling happy in yourself. Love you Amelia and thank you for making me feel so happy inside and out.”

For her own part, Freer has been enjoying quite a bit of success with her new book. Freer’s book was released this past January, and centered on a few ways people can start to develop a healthier eating lifestyle.

“I cover things like how to get your kitchen prepared for success, to keeping your goals simple and to make the changes gradually, and encourage mindfulness around food choices and behavior,” Freer explained to People in a recent interview.

For now, it seems as though Freer’s advice on healthy eating habits has paid off for Sam Smith, who has managed to lose just all of his unwanted weight.

Image Via Sam Smith/Instagram]