Lil Wayne’s #FWA April Release Unlikely: ‘HollyWeezy’ Video A ‘4/20’ Gesture?

Lil Wayne is known for cryptic messages on social media — and it makes you wonder if we are about to receive a surprise in the form of an April 20 (the unofficial 4/20 holiday) release date for #FWA. Is that what all of this “HollyWeezy” business is about on Lil Wayne’s Twitter account?

Lil Wayne promised #FWA would be released in April — and 4/20 is likely his favorite day of the year. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne set the date for the highly-anticipated “Free Weezy Album” (that is termed on social media by Lil Wayne as #FWA) for March. Lil Wayne hit a few snags in March, so he decided to move the #FWA release to April.

However, about 10 days before the end of April, fans are still hanging on waiting for Lil Wayne’s #FWA Free Weezy Album. Or is “HollyWeezy” a way for Lil Wayne to give a soft announcement that there is a chance that he could drop the #FWA on 4/20 as a surprise for fans?

In theory, releasing the #FWA could be an excellent way for Lil Wayne to “pass the Dutch” to fans in the form of his songs. Also, a holiday like 4/20 needs celebration music — and maybe Lil Wayne thinks his tunes would be the perfect accompaniment?

One only needs to read through the comments section of Lil Wayne’s Twitter posts to see that it is highly likely that fans would be delighted to have the Free Weezy Album released on 4/20.

Now, we also have a teaser video posted on April 18 on Lil Wayne’s Twitter account that says “4/20 Lil Wayne HollyWeezy.” What does this all mean?

Lil Wayne HQ released pictures on March 8 that showed Lil Wayne was filming video for “HollyWeezy” from the Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape. The song “HollyWeezy” was previously released at the end of January — but did not have a video.

About the new “HollyWeezy” video, Music Times says, “Weezy has been unable to release his long-awaited album Carter V as a result of the lengthy litigation with Birdman and Cash Money Records over its release and lack of payments to Young Money and its artists.”

Since Lil Wayne could not get Tha Carter V released in early 2015, his idea was to release #FWA instead. However, that means he is fighting legal battles, dealing with his personal life, doing club tours, showing up at SXSW, shooting videos — and recording a whole album in less than a few months? That sounds like too much is on Lil Wayne’s plate.

Could it also be true that “HollyWeezy” is Lil Wayne’s way of saying he is still is not finished with the album and has to give us another “sorry for the wait”?

The last news on the #FWA was April 11 when Lil Wayne tweeted, “I honestly gotta say that this #FWA album is my best work yet! I won’t let u down as a fan. Dis s*** is a beast! Ok let me get bak 2da booth. [sic]”

Thankfully, Lil Wayne’s fans are patient and understanding (okay, not really) — and no promises about the April #FWA have been broken just yet.

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