April Blizzard: Video Shows Massive 70-Vehicle Pileup On Snowy Wyoming Highway [Video]

One Wyoming highway turned into a scene from an apocalyptic movie, as semi trucks and vehicles could be scattered across the road in a massive pileup. The accident took place on April 16, 2015, on I-80.

The video uploaded to Youtube shows the chaos after a massive pileup formed on the highway that involved 70 vehicles. A person with a camera walks through the wreckage of a huge pileup on Wyoming highway I-80. Each turn the cameraman makes reveals increasing damage. Many note that the video looks like something out of a movie as the world comes to an end. Sadly for those on the snowy highway, the images were not from a movie, but rather real-life.

NBC News reports that a pileup involving nearly 70 vehicles resulted from nearly 10-inches of snow being dumped on the roadways from an April blizzard. The snow caused a stretch of 180-miles of I-80 to be closed for due to extremely treacherous conditions. The Wyoming Highway Patrol say that three separate incidents happened on the same stretch of road and involved approximately 50 commercial vehicles and 20 passenger vehicles.

Fortunately, no deaths were reported as a result of the huge pileup. However, a number of injuries have been confirmed. The National Weather Service has warned drivers not to get onto the roads unless absolutely necessary.

This is not the first giant pileup resulting from blizzard conditions. Back in February, 14 people were injured in a 40-vehicle pileup as snow stretched across Interstate 95 in Maine.