When Senator Pat Roberts Isn’t Trying To ‘Let It Go,’ He Is Ready To ‘Walk The Line’ [Video]

During a stuffy Finance Committee meeting, Senator Pat Roberts unintentionally lightened the mood for all in attendance when his cell phone rang. The 78-year-old Republican Senator surprised everyone in the room when his ringtone blared out the first few lines of the Disney movie Frozen’s hit song “Let It Go.” The senator took it all in good stride and exclaimed, “Oh, come on!” as the princess belted out the popular lines. Roberts was an immediate social media sensation with many commenting on his impeccable taste in music.

In the video, you can watch as Roberts responds to his hysterical ringtone blaring out into the particularly quiet room during the Finance Committee session. After grabbing his phone quickly and quieting the tone, Roberts says, “Oh, come on!” The room is filled with giggles and Roberts informs everyone they should just “let it go” and apologized for the brief interruption.

After the incident blew up on social media, resulting in GIFs, hilarious comments, and videos, the senator’s spokeswoman, Sarah Little, tells the Kansas City Star that the ringtone is in place for Roberts’ grandchildren, as he has five. Little also points out that when Roberts isn’t letting it go, he is walking the line to some Johnny Cash.

“He also has Johnny Cash’s ‘I Walk the Line.’”

For the Frozen lovers out there who are sending praises to Roberts for bringing the hit Disney movie to the Senate floor, more excitement is in the air as Disney discusses the possibility ofFrozen 2.

What do you think of Senator Pat Roberts and his Disney-themed ringtone?