Malaja Miracle Grant: Seattle Baby Killed In Drive-By Was Victim Of Targeted Attack, Police Say

A Seattle baby shot in a drive-by has died, and police are now searching for a suspect they say opened fire from a black vehicle in a targeted attack.

The baby, Malaja Miracle Grant, was shot in the head in a drive-by shooting in Kent. On Saturday night, a spokeswoman for UW Medicine said the baby was declared brain dead by doctors at Harborview Medical Center. Medical care was withdrawn, and the Seattle baby died on Saturday.

“The family expresses appreciation for the support of the community, and requests privacy at this time,” said UW Medicine communications manager Bobbi Nodell.

Police said the Seattle baby wounded in the drive-by was a passenger in a silver Chevrolet Impala driven by her parents. Someone pulled alongside the car in a dark vehicle near the Lake Fenwick Estates apartments on Thursday afternoon and opened fire.

Police initially believed the shooting was an incident of road rage turned violent, but now say they no longer think that is the case.

“Although preliminary information indicated road rage, new information gathered doesn’t show that as the true cause,” said police spokesman Cmd. Jarod Kasner.

Police believe the parents of the Seattle baby killed in the drive-by shooting knew the assailant.

The killing left neighbors and family members stunned. One grief-stricken family member identified as the baby’s uncle, Edmond, took the microphone during a television broadcast and called for an end to the city’s violence.

“We need to stop the Seattle violence,” the man said.

“The CD (Central District), south end, whoever, wherever. It’s over,” he said. “We’re trying to be living for our kids. Everybody needs to live for your kids, now. It’s over. You ain’t no gangster because you want to carry a gun. That’s stupid. Live for your kids. Be a PTA parent. Do something.”

But family members were also angry at what appeared to be a lack of information from police. Many of these family members had concluded early on that the shooting was not road rage but instead a targeted killing, though police did not confirm this for several days.

“This was done in broad daylight and you guys don’t have no information?” said Precious Grant, the baby’s aunt. “A bunch of people seen this and we wake up to no new information. But my niece is laying on a hospital bed fighting for her life. Somebody knows something. Get it out there.”

Police have not yet named a suspect in the drive-by killing of Seattle baby Malaja Miracle Grant.