Sam Smith Goal Weight Loss Success Unveiled As Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Hop On Low-Carb Diet Bandwagon [Video]

Sam Smith is sharing the secrets of how he’s almost achieved his goal weight. The award-winning 22-year-old singer credits a low-carb diet that boosts protein and veggies, while cutting sugar and processed foods, reported the Daily Mail.

Author of Eat Nourish Glow Amelia Freer coached Sam to just four pounds from his goal, revealed Sam to his social media fans. However, although Freer led the way, Smith noted that it was viewing photos of his once-overweight body that motivated him to lose.

“I f***ing hated that. I don’t want to be the perfect pop star, I’m far from that. But I saw that picture and thought, ‘I hate how I look.'”

As the Inquisitr reported, Sam’s initial weight loss on the Eat Nourish Glow low carb diet was rapid, taking off 14 pounds in just 14 days. Freer encouraged him to stick to the strict Paleo-style approach of eating primarily only lean protein and vegetables.

But while Sam is Instagramming his new body and weight loss success, Kim Kardashian is revealing exactly what she and husband Kanye West eat throughout a typical day, reported Harper’s Bazaar.

Like Smith, the reality TV personality has used social media repeatedly to discuss her weight. She initially went on the Atkins high fat low carb ketogenic diet, then reported on Twitter that she was frustrated with being unable to achieve her goal.

Now Kim and Kanye have hired a nutritionist, she revealed. And it turns out that both of them diet constantly, with Kim on a low-carb diet with an occasional cheat to treat her sweet tooth.

“I’ll usually have scrambled eggs or oatmeal, or a protein shake with fruit,” says Kim of her breakfast. “Kanye loves to eat really healthy and is always on different diets.”

However, in addition to the nutritionist, they have a personal chef.

“A chef…comes in the morning and cooks breakfast for both of us and gets our meal plans together for the day. We just started seeing a nutritionist who changes our diet every 10 days. I prefer to have the chef make my lunch because it’ll be healthier. Lately it’s been fish and vegetables, or chicken and vegetables, something like that.”

For snacks, Kim tries to indulge her longing for sweets the healthy way, she revealed. But there’s one indulgence she can’t resist.

“If I need a sweet-tooth fix, I’ll have those Justin’s peanut butter packs; the almond butter is also really good. I’ll just eat it plain. For dinner, I have vegetables and fish or chicken, just like lunch. I don’t really have cocktails or desserts—I mean, I wish! Haagen-Dazs is my biggest indulgence—their Dulce de Leche flavor is my favorite thing in life.”

[Photo By Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]