Naked and Afraid: Survivalists Face Deadly Predators In The Season 4 Premier

Naked and Afraid, a hit Discovery Channel show, features two survivalists, one male and one female left alone in the wilderness with nothing but two selected items to protect them from the elements or the wild animals that surround them. Sound intriguing?

Naked and Afraid is getting ready to begin its fourth season, and from the previews floating around, it seems like the first two survivalists are in for some serious trails when it comes to surviving with one another for 21 days in the Florida Everglades.

While the Everglades may not seem all that exciting compared to some of the show’s more exotic locations, it doesn’t mean that the duo is in for an easy time. According to US Weekly, the male survivalist goes head to head with a deadly snake in his attempts to find food for him and his partner.

“The good news is, the higher waters will bring in more wildlife, making this an even more target-rich environment,” he says before nearly stepping on a giant, venomous snake. “I just came up on it. If I hadn’t been paying attention I would’ve gotten bit. I would’ve been out of here.”

In the clip, the male survivalist then takes what looks like to be a spear fashioned out of a large branch and traps the snake before calling for his female partner to bring the machete. The excitement doesn’t end there. According to a preview provided by People, in another clip, the male survivalist ventures into the swampy area in an attempt to wrangle a wild alligator!

What are fans saying about the new season of Naked and Afraid? Just check out the Twitter response for yourself!

Mom wants to become a survivalist so she can be on naked and afraid. Okay mom.

— Jenna Kreinbrink (@jckreinbrink) April 19, 2015

Naked and Afraid is starting again, so yay! Nothing brings us closer than watching crazy people, and saying “WTF were they thinking?”

— Daisy (@daisy_gi11) April 13, 2015

Naked and Afraid Season 4 is set to being tonight on Discovery Channel at 10:00 p.m./9:00 p.m. central time. Will you be tuning in?

[Image via Naked and Afraid Twitter Feed]