April 19, 2015
Randy Regan, 23-Year-Old Charged With Viciously Attacking Woman, Asks If Bipolar Disorder Can Get Him Insanity Defense

Randy Regan, Jr., a 23-year-old man from Michigan, has been arrested for allegedly attacking his girlfriend's mother, kicking and stomping the woman to the point of giving her severe brain injuries.

The attack occurred on the evening of April 10, authorities claim, after Regan left a bar and went to the Coldwater, Michigan, home.

The injuries sustained to Barbara Troyer were described as "gruesome" consisting of head injuries and "a possible brain bleed," yet they could have been even worse had Troyer's 17-year-old son not returned home in time.

The young man reportedly chased Randy Regan from the premises with a baseball bat. As for the horrific bloodying of Regan's face (pictured above), that happened when Regan reportedly slammed his head into the acrylic police car window during the arrest.

He refused to clean up for the mug shot and later asked the judge if he could plead insanity "claiming he was bipolar," reports Fox17.

Upon hearing that, the judge entered a not guilty plea for Regan and moved to set a pre-trial conference.

The attack allegedly occurred because Regan showed up at the home and began making threats at the daughter (his girlfriend), who was in bed at the time. At one point, authorities claim, he threw the daughter onto the floor and began choking her, threatening to kill both of them. As Barbara and Regan fought, she fell to the ground, and Regan reportedly kicked her in the head.

In a separate report from the Daily Reporter, it was revealed that Regan has a long history of domestic violence tied to his record and that he is being held on $100,000 bond.

Stories of these violent attacks seem to constantly be coming up in the news, with several here on the Inquisitr every month.

One of the most recent involves a mom who lost her life in March after her husband, who also had a long history of domestic violence, stabbed her to death in front of the children.

Police in Goodyear, Arizona, charged John Leo Davis Jr. with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of wife Michele Davis.

The incident took place at the home the couple shared in the Southwest Valley. Reports claimed that John Leo Davis Jr. struck his young son for playing video games, and the child told his mother. She allegedly confronted John, and the two began arguing.

The children then saw the husband pick up a knife and chase his wife to the front door, where Michele was later found in a pool of blood.

John's 14-year-old daughter called police and said she saw her mother being stabbed, and then watched as John Leo Davis Jr. washed the knife in the kitchen sink.

Davis then called police and allegedly made incriminating statements, crying and apologizing as the told dispatchers that he snapped.

With cases like this and the one involving Randy Regan, do you think domestic violence punishments should include serious jail time from the first offense, and if so, how much is too much? Sound off in the comments section.