Angry Diner Throws Restaurant Manager Into Elderly Woman After Waiting Hour For Omelette

An angry diner became irate after waiting an hour to receive his omelette during a busy brunch at an Upper East Side restaurant in New York City. The diner grabbed the restaurant manager by the neck and threw him into an elderly woman, while demanding a free meal for his wait.

The NY Daily News reports that a brunch in New York City turned into a nightmare when an angry patron became enraged after waiting an hour for his omelette. Diners in the restaurant say that the diner became angry and began assaulting the manager. The outburst began when the patron began yelling that he was not going to pay for his meal as it had taken too long. Witnesses in the restaurant say the man appeared drunk and was much larger than the restaurant manager. Therefore, he was easily able to pick the manager up by his neck and throw him against the bar. The assault didn’t stop inside the restaurant either. As the man exited the restaurant, he picked up another worker and threw him into an elderly woman walking in the street.

Witnesses to the brunch brawl say that they heard glass breaking and screaming from their tables.

“We heard yelling and glass breaking. The guy was screaming, ‘I’m not paying for it!’ There was some expletives used in there.’”

Others note that the man used a homophobic slur before grabbing the manager by the neck and tossing him into the nearby bar. A restaurant worker noted that the man was very large, much larger than their manager.

“He was a big guy, a lot bigger than the manager.”

Police were called to the scene and arrested 39-year-old Nicholas Dematteis for the assault of the restaurant employees. Police attempted to check on the elderly lady who was knocked to the ground in the attack, but she had fled the scene before police arrived. Neighbors in the area who witnessed the attack say the man was a “psycho” and that he should stay in jail a long time for his absurd attack.

Sadly this isn’t the first time a hungry person has attacked another for taking too long to bring food. An angry and hungry passenger on an airplane caused the flight to perform an emergency landing after he punched a flight attendant for taking too long bringing him a sandwich.

What do you think of the angry diners reaction to his long omelette wait? What charges do you think should be pressed in this case?

[Image Credit: Getty Images/ Phil Walter]