Mayor Calls Woman 'Mixed Breed B****' -- Calls For His Resignation Ensue As Darryl Mills Says He's Not Going Anywhere [Video]

It was a supposed "joke" that went too far when Mayor Darryl Mills -- the "pro tem" or "pro tempore," meaning temporary -- mayor of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, called Mia Banks a "mixed breed b*****" during one of their conversations, as reported by WECT in their video report. Mia has worked at the King Neptune Restaurant as a bartender for nearly five years, and Mills has been an occasional customer over those years.

While the duo confess they enjoy joking around with one another, Banks has reported that the "mixed breed b****" slur took their level of joking too far when Darryl hurled the insult her way on Friday, March 20.

As a result, the Facebook group's page called Wrightsville Beach, Not Wrightsville Bigots is asking for the leader of Wrightsville Beach to resign. For his part, Mills has claimed he'd issued two mea culpas to Mia, who is of African-American, Polish, and Irish decent. Mills isn't claiming innocence in this case -- he does admit that he said the "mixed breed" wording, including the epithet, but says he was only joking. Since he's apologized twice, Mills says he isn't vacating his position or going anywhere.

Mills, a lawyer and an alderman acting as a temporary mayor, says he thinks highly of Mia, reports the Star News Online. However, Mia says she was offended by the insult and says she hasn't felt as degraded in her life as when called that slur.

"I don't believe someone with that kind of view should be in a position of power where they don't even respect the people of the town."

The conversation between Banks and Mills is being pegged as a private matter and not one that should involve the public -- at least from Mills' perspective.

"I regret it because it hurt her feelings. We have always had a very friendly, warm, teasing relationship, and things have been said by both of us that if you didn't know us and know how we related to each other some people might take offense some might not. When I saw this did (offend Banks) I apologized."

As reported by the Inquisitr, seemingly private conversations wherein insults are hurled, such as when Britt McHenry was caught on video calling a worker at a tow truck company disparaging things, have a tendency to go viral. The fact that Mills called Mia a "mixed breed b****" has gone viral, making it to the top spot as of this writing on Reddit's news page, gaining 752 up-votes from folks wanting the story to become known nationwide.

[Image via WECT]