Xbox 360 Officially Gets Goat Simulator

The Xbox 360 just got a little bit more beastly thanks to the arrival Goat Simulator. What once was one of the most surprisingly popular PC games is now available on both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One as of April 17. While the game being available on the current generation console isn't that surprising, it's heartening for 360 owners if for no other reason than it shows Microsoft is still paying attention to the Xbox 360.

Goat Simulator launched last year as what many saw as some sort of a joke, but Coffee Stains studio seems to be making a real go of making this game one of the most popular of this genre. DLC has been launched for the game on that particular platform. With its arrival on the Xbox 360 the game has taken a noticeable step forward.

In what is the usual joking fashion for Coffee Stain, the company officially announced the arrival of the game on the Xbox 360.

"People have asked us what's so special about the Xbox editions of Goat Simulator, and they felt that they owed it to the Xbox community to give a robust response. The PC version melted the best gaming rigs out there with its bugs, crashes and well… sheer resource needed to power the goat simulation technology for just one goat. So the answer is in short that it actually works, and with more than one goat! It may "crash", you may "fall out of the world" but that's part of the fun and in the end we got it to stop tinkering with the saved games of other titles installed on the same Xbox console so that's a win. Thanks to some of the best technologists working on these Xbox editions we managed to get two goats running at the same time on Xbox 360 and with the mighty power of Xbox One we were able to get four (Quad) goats!"
Now there are plenty of people who are using the 360 to play this particular game, there is bound to be even more crazy hijinks than ever before. Goat Simulator is now available on almost any platform that you could imagine. In addition to Microsoft's version, there is already a version on the PC, iOS, Android, Mac, and Linux. As GamingBolt points out, it appears that Sony is the only company that hasn't yet found the joy of pretending you're a goat about town. That gives the Xbox 360 a leg up on the PS3.