Anti-Semitic Rant Against Female Jewish News Reporter Caught On Tape In Paris [Video]

A female news reporter from Israel was verbally assaulted by four men in an anti-Semitic rant, as the woman attempted to report on the Germanwings jet disaster. The Israeli reporter was picked from the crowd as the men noticed the Hebrew writing on her station microphone. The men caused the woman and can be heard repeatedly yelling, "Jew!"

The video, which the assaulted reporter Miri Michaeli had no intention of releasing, was uploaded to her Facebook page after viewers questioned whether anti-Semitism was really that bad in Europe.

"It is not possible to understand what exactly happened there, in that short scene, and I do not look too good there, either. But after the report yesterday, which presented worrisome statistics about anti-Semitism in Europe, I received some questions from viewers and friends who thought that the media (and I, as part of it) are painting an exaggerated picture of the situation. It's true that if you walk down the streets of Paris, you may feel nothing. But if you don a kippah, wear a Magen David necklace or hold a microphone that says 'News 10' in Hebrew, it is reasonable to assume that sooner or later, you will realize that the situation is worse than what the statistics indicate. These remarks do not enter the statistics, and are not reported. This happens here, every day, and in every place, and it happened to me, too."
Michaeli uploaded the video and explained what had happened following the short clip. Israel National News reports that Miri was in central Paris preparing for a news report on the Germanwings air disaster when she was approached by a group of men that noticed the Hebrew writing on her microphone. Miri says the men surrounded her and began cursing her and chanting "Jew!" Miri says she was frightened for her safety and fled into a nearby train station where soldiers were present. She said it wasn't until she was near the soldiers that the harassment stopped.