Walmart gang initiation hoax catches Georgia police by surprise

Duncan Riley

A internet hoax dating back to 2005 has caused drama in Thomasville, Georgia including media coverage and public warnings.

The "Walmart gang initiation" hoax takes several forms, but usually involves gang members planning to kill black women at a local Walmart as an initiation for new gang members.

Being incapable of using Google, WCTV followed up a copy of the email with calls to local and state police. Turns out that local police also had the email and were incapable of using Google, because they put out and alert and increased patrols. The gang task force took a strong interest and went on high alert for a possible shooting. Your taxpayer dollars at work.

There are also reports on the email circulating in other parts of the United States. Here's the only thing you need to know: it's a 100% proven hoax.