Horror House: Former Student Of Dozier Reform School Says Students Were Fed To Hogs

The search to identify bodies found in a mass grave at Dozier Reform School in Florida is still underway, but the mysteries surrounding the school continue to grow. The school was home to a house of horrors for the students that attended. Police have discovered a “rape dungeon” where boys were taken to be tortured along with mass unmarked graves containing the bodies of students thrown in the spot after death. A former student is now claiming that the school fed some of the students to hogs after they tried to run away.

The horrific acts that took place at the school have been documented by former students and police officials attempting to determine the cause of death of the many students found in the school’s mass grave. Former students who made it out of the ordeal, calling themselves White House Boys, say that they were repeatedly beaten, tortured, and sometimes left for dead by staff. A former student has made startling new allegations against the school claiming that some of the students were fed to hogs when they tried to run.

Bay News reports that former Dozier student, Woodrow Williams, was responsible for cleaning the house and often overheard conversations between members of the staff and administration. One particularly startling conversation overheard by the student involved officials discussing dumping boys into a hog pin after they attempted to run from the school. Williams says authorities will never find all the bodies of the missing boys as many were fed to the hungry hogs on the property.

“A lot of the boys you’re not going to find because believe it or not, a lot of the boys were fed to the hogs.”

As unbelievable as the story sounds, authorities believe Williams account as the school has a record for horrific practices that left students dead, disabled, and emotionally scarred for life. The White House Boys website shows the extent of the school’s acts against the boys as former students detail the horrendous abuse they were subjected to in the home. In addition to accounts from students, many family members of boys that were killed or disabled at the school come to the site looking for answers about what they loved one may have endured. One man’s brother was sent to the reform school as a healthy young man; however, he returned home a few short months later in a wheelchair unable to speak or move. The man reached out to the White House Boys in a hopes that someone living has information on what exactly happened to his brother at the house.

After discovering the extent of the abuse at the home, police are now searching the Florida School for Boys in Okeechobee for bodies. The Okeechobee school was used as an overflow facility for Dozier and boys at the school claim they were also abused.

[Image Credit: White House Boys]