WWE News: WWE NXT General Manager William Regal And His Family Receiving Threats?

WWE superstars appear to be immortal on television, but in reality, they are people just like everyone that watches the WWE product. Yesterday, William Regal, the WWE NXT general manager, received startling news about himself, as well as his family. Regal took to Twitter and asked the WWE Universe for help in this dire situation.

For those that are curious about Regal and his personality, he is said to be one of the greatest gentlemen in the business. The Staffordshire, England, native always puts the business before himself. One piece of evidence is the “Vince McMahon Kiss My A** Club” that McMahon began in the 2001. Regal was the first inductee into the infamous club, which he handled with absolute professionalism.

That’s always been Regal’s thoughts about the business. Handle everything like a gentlemen and rewards will come forth. Regal is a four-time World Tag-Team champion, 5-time WWF Hardcore champion, four-time WWF European champion, two-time WWE Intercontinental champion, and former King of the Ring winner. He also won “Best Television Announcer” in 2013 and 2014.

His awards are in all facets of professional wrestling and sports entertainment. Regal doesn’t compete in the ring anymore, but he is giving back to the WWE in WWE NXT. While being the general manager of WWE NXT, he’s also a trainer and recruiter. Triple H once described Regal as a key contributor in recruiting wrestlers to NXT from the Indy scene and from other sports.

Recently, William Regal mentioned the possibility of WWE NXT touring internationally. If that were to take place, the WWE NXT brand would grow exponentially. Not only that, but it would give Regal even more opportunities to teach the younger talent about touring and connecting with multiple audiences.

William Regal also appeared on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk is Jericho, and discussed many things about the business. It’s only a few days old, so there are current issues they talked about as well. For any WWE fan, that is something to definitely take a listen to. While Regal is giving back to the business, the WWE is definitely getting a ton from his experience and professionalism. WWE NXT is rising due to Regal’s contributions, among other things.

[Image via wrestlinginc.com]