31 Mini-Horses Found In State Of Neglect, Police Only Seize 3 Despite Protest From Animal Rescue Group

Police were called to South Carolina pasture on reports of animal neglect. What they found was 31 mini-horses and three donkeys in a state of neglect. However, despite protests from animal rescue groups, only three miniature horses were seized. One horse was so severely neglected that the rescue group had to euthanize the animal.

According to Go Upstate, Spartanburg County environmental enforcement officers went to a local farm and found a miniature horse in despair next to a barn. Upon investigating the property further, the officers found a total of 31 miniature horses and three donkeys. It was noted that many of the horses had problems with their hooves and three of the tiny ponies needed immediate medical care as they were on the brink of death. The three mini-horses in the worst state were taken into care of an animal rescue group, Big Oaks Rescue Farm, for recovery.

Sadly, one of the miniature horses had to be euthanized as the injuries were too extensive. The two other horses in the care of the rescue group are being rehabilitated. However, advocates for the animals say that more must be done to ensure the safety of the remaining 28 horses and three donkeys on the property. Police cited the owners of the property for animal neglect charges and say they will be checking in on the animals to ensure proper care is given in the future and that treatment is given to the struggling animals.

However, animal rescue advocates say that all the animals should have been seized as all were in some state of neglect. Joe Mann of Big Oak Rescue Farm in Greenwood says that he was called to the rescue effort and feels that all the animals should have been taken into custody. Mann notes that his organization offered to take all the animals but the owners only agreed to forfeiting the three.

“I left there Saturday feeling so disgusted. The owner only agreed to release the three. They all need help. … We’d be willing to pick every one of them up. “

HLN reports that the Big Oaks Rescue Farm will continue to advocate for animals such as these that need care but are not near enough to death to be legally removed.

“Big Oaks continues to advocate with South Carolina lawmakers to strengthen the laws against animal cruelty (especially for farm animals) in the state, but Mann says that often authorities can only act ‘when an animal is close to death’s door.’”

[Image Credit: Facebook/ Big Oaks Rescue Farm]