Drunk Teens Attempt To Slide Down A Building In Ukraine, And It Doesn’t End Well [Video]

Two drunk teens in Ukraine ended up with a sobering lesson when they tried to slide down a building. One landed okay, but the other suffered serious injuries.

It doesn’t pay to be stupid when you’re drunk, as a girl learned in January in a report by the Inquisitr. She had allegedly kept hitting and harassing a guy until he punched her in another viral video.

These two teens has decided to slide down the sloped glass wall of the SEC shopping center in Kiev, Ukraine, but not until their peers gave them the idea. Witness Pavel Yaremenko said they weren’t originally going to do it.

“These guys were drunk. Fooling around at the top and were not going to jump, but my friends encouraged them to do it. In the end they succumbed to peer pressure and [slid] down. They seem to have underestimated the speed.”

According to Opposing Views, having been given the idea, the drunk teens finally gave in. For 17-year-old Jacob Simonenko, it was one of the biggest mistakes he’d ever made. He didn’t die in the attempt, but it earned him serious injuries.

The other teen safely slid down the glass wall and had his legs ready to land as he approached the bottom and cleared the steps. He had some trouble getting up and walking away, but he appeared fine.

Jacob hadn’t been so lucky, landing directly on the shopping center’s steps, crushing his legs, and bouncing before landing violently on his back. He suffered serious injury to his head, neck, and spine.

The person filming the stunt rushed over to see what had happened to Jacob. He seemed to be unconscious, but breathing, with a spatter of blood near his head.

Stunts like this are why there are laws against certain extreme sports such as skateboarding and bicycling in public places. Those laws are there to protect not only the daredevil and bystanders, but also the owners of the property in case someone like these drunk teens in Ukraine do something that gets them seriously hurt.

Alcohol does not make you invincible. Drink responsibly.

[Image via YouTube]