WWE News: ROH Star Claims WWE Is Racist By Using New Day Gimmick?

When the New Day gimmick began in the WWE, there were WWE fans that weren’t supportive of the new project. Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods ganged up to form a trio of wrestlers that were irrelevant at the moment. Then, the trio of WWE superstars had a purpose on WWE programming. Unfortunately, success hasn’t been in the multitudes.

The New Day hasn’t won a WWE championship of any kind. Yet, all three men are gifted wrestlers. Big E has charisma and is very athletic. Xavier Woods is a great ring-technician. As for Kingston, the WWE Universe already knows what he can do. He’s a future Hall of Fame wrestler.

Despite the WWE trying to do something different with Woods, Kingston and Big E, there are fans that cry that it is racism. The reality is, Triple H and the rest of the WWE officials put an end to the racism rumors when the gimmick began. Apparently, that fact hasn’t set in with everybody.

According to SE Scoops, Cedric Alexander, a Ring of Honor star, believes that the New Day gimmick is blatantly racist.

“This opens up a whole different can of worms here, because everyone I know that watches WWE is offended by … extremely offended because of the whole racial thing.”

“When they first started this thing, it was like two or three weeks that they did it where Xavier would come out and be like a Malcolm X type of thing. He was preaching black power without saying black power, which I think is fantastic because you don’t offend anyone. But when you’ve got three black guys singing and dancing, stereotypes get fed too much and I hate it.”

Would there be complaints if the group was successful? That’s one thing that crossed the minds of many WWE fans, as they watched the New Day turn heel a few weeks ago. According to one Bleacher Report article, that will certainly help the stable grow. All three men have the potential to be major players in the WWE.

None of them will be main event-stars in the future, but WWE needs a successful mid-card division. Kofi Kingston has arguably been the leader of the mid-card division with multiple Intercontinental title reigns and WWE tag-team championships. Without a strong mid-card, the three-hour WWE Raw would have trouble willing in all hours.

Give the WWE credit, as they are trying new things on television. Whether it is a different gimmick like the New Day, or if it’s a storyline that pushes the line, the WWE is trying to be different. Isn’t that what most WWE fans want?

[Image via bleacherreport.com]