Ana Trujillo, Stefan Andersson: ‘Snapped’ Will Feature Case Of ‘Stiletto Heel Killer’ Ana Lilia Trujillo Fox On Oxygen Tonight

Ana Trujillo, aka Ana Lilia Fox Trujillo, the woman who stabbed and killed her boyfriend with a stiletto shoe, will be shown in a new episode of the docudrama Snapped. The crime show, which airs on Oxygen and is produced by Jupiter Entertainment, will follow the case of Ana Trujillo and the events that led up to the tragic murder of her boyfriend, Alf Stefan Andersson.

Fifty-nine-year old Sweden native Stefan Andersson was brutally stabbed to death with a stiletto shoe in June, 2013, in his high rise condominium in Houston, Texas. The case was a nationwide sensation because it dripped with sex, money, and murder.

Ana Fox Trujillo was known in the Hispanic, Latino community as a rising star. The Spanish TV host was attractive, sexy, friendly, and had a dynamic personality that captured the attention of Stefan Andersson, a professor at the University of Houston.

While the two were often seen partying and having fun in their favorite local pubs, there was an abusive side of their relationship that many people witnessed. Ana had a hot temper, and so did Stefan Andersson. The couple would often start out having a wonderful evening, but then the day would be ruined once one of them added alcohol to the already toxic mix. A night of wild make-up sex usually followed the intense fights. Falling into bed was a common way for them to deal with the problems in their relationship, but on the night of June 9, 2013, one of them took things a little too far. Ana Trujillo alleged that she killed her boyfriend in self-defense after he viciously attacked her because he was jealous when another man began talking to her at the club hours earlier. Tired of the physical abuse and fearing for her life, Ana took off her high-heeled stiletto shoe and plunged it deep into the body of Stefan Andersson more than 20 times, according to the autopsy report.

Neighbors in the lavish high-rise building who had heard the altercation and the scuffle called 911. When police arrived, they found Stefan Andersson lying in a pool of blood on his back with his arms raised above his head. The blood that lined the wall and the disarranged furniture made it obvious to investigators that a struggle had taken place.

At trial, Ana Trujillo took the stand in her own defense and reenacted for the jury how the killing took place.

“I did fear for my life. I felt he lost it. He wouldn’t let go of my leg. The pain wouldn’t stop. I had no idea I was hurting him that badly,” she said. “I reached over and my hands were full of blood.”

The jury did not believe her story. Trujillo was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison. Her case marks the first documented case of killing someone with a stiletto heel.

Tonight’s Snapped episode is sure to be intriguing and suspenseful. Tune in to the Ana Trujillo-Stefan Andersson stiletto murder case tonight at 8 p.m. central on the Oxygen channel.