New ISIS Video Emerges, Purports To Show Mass Killings Of Ethiopian Christians

Rahul Srinivas

After a lull of several months, terrorist organization ISIS has released a new video that purportedly show them undertaking mass execution missions. According to YNet News, the video shows several Ethiopian Christians being murdered by masked ISIS men standing next to the now infamous black ISIS flag. The long video, released a few hours ago, show the terrorists killing two groups of Christian men. While one group of men were shot dead, a second group was killed by beheading them.

According to the Miami Herald, these mass killings of Christians reportedly happened in Libya. The area where the mass killings happened seems to be somewhere near the Libyan coast. In the video, the group of men are seen marched by ISIS gunmen along the coast. While one group of men are seen wearing the typical orange jumpsuits that have become synonymous with ISIS killings, another group were all seen in similar, black colored jumpsuits.

The voice-over accompanying the execution video said that the people who were being executed because they were "adherents of the Ethiopian Church." Experts presume this to be a reference to the Coptic Christians. They also believe that the mass executions happened in the Fezzan region of Libya. While experts are not sure where the victims belonged to, they believe that a second group shown in the video were actually Christians from Egypt.

A narrator in the ISIS video is quoted saying, "Despite the cross, we have returned," just before the video shows the execution of the first group of Christians.

The narrator in the video also goes on to explain that this is a warning message to all Christians in the region to convert to Islam or to pay the ultimate price. This is similar to what happened to Christians in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa in Syria where several Christians were killed after they refused to convert to Islam. Last year, several people from the Yazidi tribe of northern Iraq also faced a similar predicament after ISIS fighters overrun their area and threatened to kill them if they did not convert to Christianity.

Meanwhile, several analysts are concerned over the growing influence of ISIS in Libya. This is fast becoming a threat to the neighboring Egypt as well as Italy, which lies just across the Mediterranean Sea.

[Image Via IB Times]