Harry Styles, Taylor Swift Officially Over? Or Does Mom And Calvin Have Her Attention?

If you were hoping that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift would get back together, that dream has died for now — if you believe insider sources.

According to multiple media headlines, Harry Styles is spending mid-April partying in Los Angeles with Chelsea Handler. His fans and fellow One Direction bandmates have missed seeing Harry Styles at two separate charity balls in the U.K. Regardless, over the weekend of April 18, Harry Styles was in America — but was he there to show his ex-girlfriend support after she recently learned her mother has cancer?

While Harry Styles is in America, he is still almost 2,000 miles away from Taylor Swift. Both of them are in the same country, but Taylor was having nothing to do with Harry Styles in the slightest while she was in New York City tending to her mother.

Taylor’s mother was recently diagnosed with cancer, and she was seen on April 18 being a dutiful daughter. Taking focus away from Taylor Swift’s mother for a moment, the Daily Mail U.K. states the following about her stay in New York City with her mother.

“The Fearless singer headed to [New York City] without boyfriend Calvin Harris, who suffered a severe case of food poisoning recently.”

Is Calvin Harris really Taylor Swift’s boyfriend — or is this just wishful thinking for fans that hope she is finally over Harry Styles? Could it be possible that Harry Styles flew to America to console Taylor Swift — but just hasn’t made it to New York City yet? Or, could it be that Taylor and Harry Styles will never see each other in American because they no longer communicate and have both officially moved on?

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, only months before, Taylor was causing problems with Harry Styles’ blossoming relationship with Nadine Leopold. In fact, a large number of sources claim that Taylor’s ongoing obsession with Harry Styles was part of the reason Nadine Leopold the two parted ways.

Now, Taylor is alleged to be fully entranced with her Harry Styles replacement — Calvin Harris.

A highly cited claim that Taylor is officially over Harry Styles comes from an insider source via Hollywood Life. They state, “For some time, Taylor was convinced that she would never, ever get over Harry Styles. Harry Styles had some sort of spell over her, but now with Calvin in the picture, the Harry Styles spell is finally broken. [sic]”

While this information that Harry Styles is officially out of the picture for Taylor Swift comes from an insider source, there are no solid references that show this is actually official at this time. As a matter of fact, Harry Styles may still be looming in Taylor Swift’s heart because she is not “officially” with Calvin Harris either.

Is there any evidence at all that supports Taylor is over Harry Styles and has moved on to Calvin Harris? People Magazine caught Calvin and Taylor getting romantic at a Kenny Chesney concert at the end of March — but these pictures could have simply been showing us what a hot date looks like.

Of course, we know that Harry Styles might be spending time with Chelsea Handler’s rear-end in Los Angeles — but he is still technically single as well.

Does all of this mean that there could still be a future for Harry Styles and Taylor Swift? That depends on whether or not you trust insider sources.

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