Niall Horan ‘Officially’ Has A Girlfriend: Solo Streak With 1D Ends?

New evidence emerged over the weekend of April 18 that Niall Horan may have ended his solo streak and finally has a girlfriend.

For fans who were holding on to the hope that Niall Horan could be their boyfriend one day, their dreams may be delayed. If you thought Niall Horan was probably dating Melissa Whitelaw, try changing that to “officially” dating — if you believe insider sources. Despite the fact that some Niall Horan fans have been outraged in the past that he might have a girlfriend, the truth remains — he is most likely a taken man.

The Belfast Telegraph is the news agency stating that “Niall Horan’s rumoured new lover Melissa Whitelaw is said to be ‘a real hit’ with his friends.”

They go on to talk about how Niall Horan attended the Trekstock party with Melissa Whitelaw over the weekend of April 18 and that “it’s claimed the couple have been dating since February and things are getting heated between them, as Niall has allegedly even taken her to meet all his friends and family in Ireland.”

This is an interesting development since only a few days earlier, Niall Horan went to the Great Gatsby Ball in London and attempted to conceal Melissa Whitelaw as his plus-one. In fact, the Mirror alleges that insiders told them Niall Horan was discreetly taking Melissa to the event arranged by Liam Payne’s girlfriend, Sophia Smith.

Could it be that Niall Horan wanted to be discreet because there is no actual relationship going on? On Instagram and Twitter, one thing is for sure: Niall Horan has not been talking much about Melissa Whitelaw and he has not been announcing that she is his girlfriend.

If anyone is stoking the relationship rumor fires, it is Melissa Whitelaw and not Niall Horan. On what appears to be her official Twitter account, “Melissa” states things throughout the recent past such as “listening to Four” and “Its a 1d kind of day.”

Is Melissa Whitelaw posting these 1D-related statements to social media because there is more going on between her and Niall Horan than is officially known?

An insider source goes on to tell the Mirror that Melissa Whitelaw made a great impression on One Direction while spending time with Niall Horan on tour.

They state, “Melissa met the rest of the band on tour, when she first grew close to Niall, but after flying over to spend time with him they now see her as his girlfriend.”

Do you need more proof that Niall Horan and Melissa Whitelaw might be an item?

The Mirror insider reveals, “She also went along to Mahiki with him, where they seemed to be really serious about one another by the way he was introducing her to people.”

Could all of this alleged romance between Niall Horan and Melissa Whitelaw just be a rumor or a series of speculations that have grown out of control? After all, the “evidence” that Melissa Whitelaw is Niall Horan’s official girlfriend has not actually been verified by Niall or Melissa — yet.

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