Arrested For Assault: North Charleston Man Held After He Kicked, Punched A Woman In The Face

Police officials from the North Charleston police Department have arrested a man after they received complaints that he had assaulted a woman. According to ABC 4 News, the suspect was arrested for assault-related charges after a witness reported that he had kicked the victim and punched her in the face. The suspect has been identified as William Thaddeus Graham, a 35-year-old resident of the same area.

According to Live 5 WCSC News, the incident happened on the morning of Saturday, April 18, and officers were called in at around 8 a.m. on Saturday morning. The incident was reported by a female witness who informed police officials that she had heard a verbal argument between a man and a woman. She then reportedly saw the man overpowering her, standing over her, and assaulting her. According to the witness, Williams kicked the woman and punched her in the face and on her upper body, after which she decided to call the police to get him arrested for assault. The incident happened near 4020 O’Hear Avenue in North Charleston, confirms Live 5 WCSC News.

By the time responding police officers reached the spot, the suspect had fled the area. Police officers canvassed the entire area after realizing that the suspect could not have travelled out of the area in such a short span of time. After a few hours, Graham was finally located by an officer who saw him hiding behind a residence located on Bexley street — not very far from where the assault on the woman happened. He was subsequently arrested for assault.

Police officials confirmed to news channels that the man has been arrested for assault and that charges would be filed against him. He is currently in detention at the Al Cannon Detention Center.

Police have not revealed what led to the verbal argument and the subsequent assault on the woman. They have also not released the name of the victim who was assaulted by Graham. It is also unclear if the woman was sent to a hospital for treatment following the assault although an ABC News report does say that she was attended to my emergency medical services soon after the incident. We will update this story when we receive new information pertaining to this case.

The North Charleston Police Department has been in the news for the past few weeks following the shooting of 50-year-old Walter Scott. Scott was shot dead by a South Carolina police officer Michael Slager, after he allegedly tried to run away from the officer to avoid being arrested for a minor traffic violation. The shooting incident led to a huge outcry across the U.S. and several protests in Charleston.

[Image Via ABC 4 News]