Lil Wayne, Louis Tomlinson Will Fight For Christina Milian’s Affection?

Have you heard that Lil Wayne might be competing for Christina Milian’s heart with Louis Tomlinson of One Direction? Over the past two months, the headlines involving Lil Wayne’s alleged relationship with Christina Milian have been up-and-down.

Regardless, once their emerging relationship is placed on a timeline, it is much easier to see where rumors have mounted — and then immediately dissipated. Will the same thing happen with rumors that Christina Milian was out on the town with Louis Tomlinson while Lil Wayne was left out?

The timeline for the most recent part of Lil Wayne and Christina’s relationship starts a few weeks ago at the end of March. For example, on March 25, Lil Wayne posted a picture of himself on Instagram holding hands with Christina Milian with the tag #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday).

Then, on April 9, Christina Milian was on the Big Boy’s Real 92.3 radio show, according to Vibe, stating she loves Lil Wayne.

They say, “Not only did she admit to dating Lil Wayne in general, but that she revealed that she loves him.”

A couple of days later, on April 10 to 12, Christina Milian was at Coachella — and this is when rumors that her relationship with Lil Wayne was drawing to an end started to emerge. On April 14, the International Business Times said that the rumors began because Lil Wayne tweeted that he needed a solid woman in his life — and was likely referring to the fact that Christina Milian was not that kind of woman.

Lil Wayne allegedly removed the tweet soon afterward while rumors that things had soured between Milian and Lil Wayne continued. Was it true that they were no longer together?

However, on April 16, Lil Wayne tweeted that Christina Milian had a song was about to be released — and that did not seem like the actions of someone that is moving on from a crush. Sadly, Lil Wayne’s love saga was about to take a turn that involved One Direction.

The Daily Mail showed pictures of Christina Milian and Louis Tomlinson of One Direction hanging out in London over the weekend of April 17. Would Lil Wayne be jealous of his 33-year-old love interest hanging out with a man 10 years her junior? After all, Louis Tomlinson is one of the lyrical masterminds of his band — and he is obviously just as big of a star as Lil Wayne.

To make matters worse, Louis Tomlinson allegedly “cozied up” to Lil Wayne’s alleged love interest. At the Libertine Club in London, the two had a couple of drinks together.

Thankfully for Lil Wayne, there will be no immediate need to fight for Christina Milian’s hand against Louis Tomlinson. According to reports, Louis Tomlinson left Lil Wayne’s alleged lady love behind and continued to party out on the town with his entourage.

Could this be a close call for Lil Wayne as far as his relationship with Christina Milian goes? For now, Milian is in London talking to Capital Radio about her upcoming plans while Lil Wayne says on Twitter that he is working in the recording studio. Finally, Lil Wayne can probably rest easy because there are also reports that Louis Tomlinson may have a new lady in his life who is not Christina Milian.

Maybe all of these rumors are just a sign that Lil Wayne needs to make his relationship with Christina Milian official?

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