Next ‘Mass Effect’ Rumors Hit Via Survey, Heavy Emphasis On Exploration

A new round of rumors for the next Mass Effect game dropped Saturday, thanks to a Reddit user who claims to have taken a survey for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC role-playing game. This isn’t the first time information on a BioWare game has leaked in this matter which gives an air of believability to this set.

The information was posted by Reddit user Benjamin_Stone as one of many surveys he takes online “for a little extra money.” NeoGAF user Shinobi602 who’s known for getting a hold of inside information backed it up by stating, “quite a few deets in there are what I’ve heard.”

BioWare has already confirmed details such as the fact that it will feature all new characters and an all new story as Commander Shepard will not be in the mix. Additionally, the Mako from the original Mass Effect is confirmed to make a return.

Next Mass Effect (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The rumored survey details back this up as exploration receives a heavy focus in the next Mass Effect. Players explore the Andromeda galaxy to find a new home for humanity in the Tempest starship. Interestingly, the rumors state that players will be able to “seamlessly” transition from flying in space, to landing on a planet, to driving the Mako.

Players will be able to establish different types of colonies that will give players bonuses in terms of exploration and resources. In addition to being to setup colonies, players will be able to explore the surface along with alien outposts and vaults.

Many of the details are what you’d expect from a Mass Effect title such as squadmates, loyalty missions, customizable gear, and dialogue trees. However, it sounds like BioWare has some new spins on these established elements if these rumored details are to be believed.

How BioWare will explain the move to another galaxy is being hotly debated among Mass Effect fans. The relay system from Shepard trilogy is gone. So, how humanity can travel the huge distance from the Milky Way to Andromeda is something that would have to be explained logically and convincingly.

Next Mass Effect (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Here’s a summary of the information provided by NeoGAF’s EatChildren.


  • Premise: Set in the Helius Cluster of the Andromeda Galaxy, removed by time and space from the Mass Effect “Commander Shepard” trilogy and its ending. Play as a “Pathfinder” explorer leading expedition with the aim of establishing new home for humanity. Encounter “savage untamed lands”, “cut-throat outlaws”, and “warring alien races” in an effort to survive and colonies [sic]. Andromeda is home to a mysterious alien race, the Remnants, who’ve left their vaults and ancient technology throughout.
  • Game Objective: Explore 100s of solar systems (over 4x size of Mass Effect 3) collecting resources, developing your ship, crew, and arsenal, while engaging in diplomacy in order to set up colonies, while discovering the mystery behind the Remnants and racing to secure their technology.
  • New Species: Remnants, an ancient race who’ve left ruins and technology throughout the galaxy. And Khet, seemingly antagonistic.
  • Squadmates: Same as previous games: make friends, take two with you on missions. Cora is able to generate biotic shields you can fire out of. Drack is a Krogan.
  • Loyalty Missions: Same as previous games: complete to unlock increased loyalty and new skill tree for that character. Example: Krogan colony ship has been stolen by outlaws. Track down the ship and return it to increase loyalty with Drack. Dialogue trees and end game impacted by loyalty status.
  • Dialogue: “Meaningful choices.” Deeper control over responses, such as interrupting conversation. Action based choices are physical choices to shape the course of conversation, such as pulling out a weapon and forcing them to open a door instead of attempting to do so purely via conversation.


  • Tempest Starship: Pilotable ship to discover 100s of solar systems. Customizable with trophies/loot/photos taken through the galaxy. Transition between flying ship, to landing on planet, to driving Mako, to getting out on foot, all seamless with no loading screens.
  • Mako Vehicle: Upgradable with turbo boost, shield generator, hostile detector, etc. Customizable paint job.
  • Planets: 100s of surfaces to explore, for discovering places to colonize, and alien vaults/outputs to conquer.
  • Colonies: Build settlements on habitable planets. Able to decide what type of settlement for bonuses. For example, Recon Settlements will clear fog of war on space map and offer more strike team missions, meanwhile Mining Settlements will periodically supply crafting materials.
  • Blueprints: Allow you to craft alien technology using materials for better equipment and weapons, such as a jetpack for jumping, cryo-beam to target enemies, etc.
  • Crew: Customizable skill trees, gear, weapons, etc.

Mission Types and Multiplayer

  • Remnant Vault Raids: Ancient ruins in two variants. Standard: Accessed by finding and activating Remnant Monoliths, explored to find a “powerful artefact”. Acquiring artefact triggers defense systems: robots, traps, and restructured layout. Rewards with valuable loot, crafting resources, and Star Keys. Orbital Facilities: Unlocked with Star Keys, provide permanent stat bonuses, and optional higher difficulty vault raids that add Khet patrols and outlaws. Rewards with rare loot and narrative acclaim.
  • Khet Outposts: Optional wave-based combat challenges that reward with XP, reduced Khet power and additional narrative options in the region if destroyed.
  • Strike Team: Spend resources to recruit mercenaries and develop AI controlled strike teams to be deployed on randomly generated, time sensitive missions. Include settlement defence and remnant artefact recovery. Strike Teams return 20 – 30 minutes later with XP, currency, and equipment depending on mission outcome. Spend money/resources to train Strike Team, and buy better equipment, to increase success rate and send on dangerous missions.
  • Active Strike Team: See above, however you can choose to complete the Strike Team mission manually via play using your multiplayer roster of characters. Able to play co-op with friends, more friends increasing difficulty and rewards. Bonus rewards for joining another players strike team mission. XP, loot, and customization rewards for Strike Team played characters are cohesive with multiplayer specific horde mode.
  • Horde Mode: Similar to Mass Effect 3: four players against waves of enemies with additional objectives such as disabling a bomb or assassinating a target. Similar XP/loot rewards to Mass Effect 3. APEX funds earned to be used in single player.

[Images via BioWare]